My most famous role is the voice of
John F. Kennedy in the Academy Award winning film

Forrest Gump

This is how the finished scene looked.
I actually played the part of JFK, but in post production they switched my image with old film footage of JFK, making a composite.
Those are my lips and part of my jaw and cheeks in this picture.

A shot of Tom Hanks and Jed Gillin, before the computerized special effects
click here to hear the famous line from the movie

Photos from the set of Forrest Gump
1. Robert Zemeckis offering his direction.
2. Forrest shakes JFK's hand.
3. I believe he said he had to go pee!
4. Standing in front of the Shrine Auditorium, just before going in to watch the Academy Awards Show.
Gump WON!!
The process by which the director, Robert Zemeckis, Director of Photography, Don Burgess and  Visual Effects Supervisor Ken Ralston were able to make President Kennedy appear to be speaking the words "I believe he said he had to go pee", was a technically complicated one and I am proud to have been an integral part in achieving that effect.
 Read the story on how we were able to make JFK appear to be speaking in Forrest Gump.


Other films I have roles in are Trading Places  with Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy and an Independent film called  The Misery Brothers  in which I portrayed President Kennedy in a farcical role.

I have made appearances in television shows like Melrose Place, Sunset Beach, Dynasty,
One Life To Live and Another World.

I have appeared in numerous television commercials over the past 30 years.

this is a zia
Hiking in the nearby Santa Monica Mountains is one of my favorite past times.
photos in Bronson Canyon

this reminds me of the san luis obispo
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