Ohio County Courthouse
Geauga County Courthouse
Chardon, Ohio

Courting Ohio

The Romance of Ohio's County Courthouses

text & photo © 1998 by Jean Hoffman

From Picturesque to Classic...

Imposing in Akron, delightful in Upper Sandusky, everywhere striking, the county courthouses of Ohio have a special place in our hearts and minds. You've passed them by, needed their services, wondered what they meant. Soon you will find their secrets explored and their images preserved as you travel through the rural byways and urban canyons of Ohio.

Jean Hoffman has long been charmed by the county courthouses, but her journeys through the state in pursuit of birdwatching provoked her curiosity until courthouses overcame the birds and her travel became a quest. She is exploring all 88 counties, their courthouses, history and life style to bring you the fruits of that exploration.


Birding . . . and much more

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