Zemany Family in the 1900 Census

1900 census

U.S. Census for 1900

Butler Township, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania
Enumeration District 37, p. 3. Enumeration on June 16, 1900 by Crawford C. Smith
Dwelling 277, Family 282, lines 62 - 68.


Zemany, Mike    Head  W M June 1850 49 M 29       Austria     1873 27 Na  O F F 93
 ----Annie      Wife  W F Apr  1851 49 M 29 11 8  Austria     1874 26
 ----Annie      Daugh W F Mar  1878 22 S          Pennsylvania
 --Charles      Son   W M May  1883 17 S          Pennsylvania
 ---George      Son   W M Apr  1886 14 S          Pennsylvania
 -----Mary      Daugh W F Feb  1888 12 S          Pennsylvania       At school  7
 --William      Son   W M Jan  1890 10 S          Pennsylvania       At school  7
         next household
Kostolnik, John Head  W M Nov  1819 80 S          Austria     1878 23 Al
This shows Mike and Annie married for 29 years and that she had 11 children with eight still living. Mike owned their home free and clear and it was a farm and the farm schedule was #93. Mary and William had attended school 7 months the previous year. The older sons Andrew and John were enumerated elsewhere in Freeland with their families and Michael Jr. was a private in Battery F, Sixth Artillery of the U.S. Army in the Philippines. The next name on the page is John Kostolnik who may well be Michael Zemany's father-in-law.

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