This course is designed for the student who has interests in understanding the business side of the performing arts. Areas covered include film, television, Theater, Music and Dance. Practical, basic constructs in each of the disciplines  will be addressed. Each section will receive instruction, participate in discussion and create business model scenarios. All modules are treated as specific areas and will culminate in a final group project based on the learned concepts..
Shows proficiency by participation with all in-class assignments.
Demonstrates comprehension and execution of various  exercises.
Participates and actively contributes to the ensemble/class discussions
Gains an increased awareness, focus, understanding of industry practices
Completes all assignments within the appropriate time structure.

        Module 1
        Defining the disciplines
1.                Understanding the Job
2.        Methods of execution
3.                Connecting the dots.Defining the categories

                                 Module 2Unions/Agents/Managers
1.                Types of
2.                Benefits vs bubkiss
3.                Representation realities
        Module 3
                         Making the right decision
1.           Contracts /Negotiations/ Employment
2.                Pay for Play
3.                Favored Nations
4.                Billing and Bookeeping

                                      Module 4
             Making a Movie....Opening a Theater.....Producing a Video
1.                Who are the "Players"
2.                From Idea to Opening
3.                Steps of the process
                                       Module 5
                 Resource mania
1.         Student reports
2.         Marketing for actors: Websites/social media
3.         Technology

Sample course outlines:

Would you like to book more of your auditions? Looking for success in other mediums? Perfect your audition skills and book Theatre, Film, Television, Commercials and Voice over gigs. This comprehensive, hands on clinic will address the best way to present your talent with every audition opportunity you are given. Each class is geared toward achieving more control and confidence by providing tips, techniques and skills in a supportive fun atmosphere. Your work is recorded and played back with individual critiques. This class is especially useful for newer professional talent or those with formal training. Actor, Training Director, Author and now Casting Partner with the prestigious McCorkle Casting LTD firm, Jeffrey Dreisbach shares his 30 years of performing arts experience to give you a fresh approach to your Monologue, Cold Read, Commercial and Film auditions. Additionally, you will learn the best way to tape your "on camera" submissions and use media marketing to your advantage.  Connect with your work and the industry by booking yourself into the clinic!

Class 1:
Introduction: "From Craft to Career"
Breaking down the monologue
Feedback and Review

Class 2:
Introduction to Cold Reading
Script samples and assignments
Cold read critiques with feedback (filmed and playback)

Class 3:
Commercial Auditions: An introduction
Finding the character (s)
Recording and playback (recorded video and playback)

Class 4:
Voice over Auditions
Defining the objective/character/mood (recorded audio and playback)

Class 5:
Film and Episodic Auditions
Creating the scene for 2 characters
Memorized call back auditions (filmed and playback with critique)

Class 6:
Video auditions and submissions
New media marketing for professionals
Review and wrap up

The Business of Show Business
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These outlines are for illustration purposes only. Please know that each course is designed with student's needs and interests in mind.
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Audition Clinic for Actors