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      ith over 20 years commitment to performance career training and education, Casting Partner Jeffrey Dreisbach (McCorkle Casting Ltd) offers a unique, practical, hands on approach to acting as a profession. He serves as consultant, guest artist, workshop provider and speaker/lecturer to schools colleges and universities looking to enhance their students' professional integrity within the arts community. From career preparation and assessment, audition skills (on camera) and showcase consultation to acting essentials and voice-over training, Jeffrey inspires today's student actor or professional practitioner with tangible skills and a positive, motivational message for success.
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Casting Partner for McCorkle Casting Ltd. NY, Jeffrey Dreisbach with Super Agent and Author, Roszanne Gates
"Jeff and Rozanne make the perfect team to share their experiences with our actors" SMU October 2013.

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Jeffrey's resume

 "...And as for Jeff, well I've praised him before and I will praise him once again.
His knowledge of the casting world in America and the marketing side of the entertainment world is fabulous and his encouragement and enthusiasm for our work, ensuring that we are all given the right tools needed to market ourselves for our industry showcase and our careers as Actors has been a true gift.He adores teaching and it shows. I've said it before and I will say it again. "Where have you been all my life Jefff?!" 
Alixandra Kupcik
  Thank you for doing the audition workshop in my Acting I class today. You are a terrific teacher, and the workshop was VERY valuable for my (obviously diverse) students. I am very much looking forward to seeing you for tomorrow's class, and hopefully to return in future semesters. See you soon."

Mr. Joe Cosentino, MFA
Head of the Department of Performing, Visual Arts and Communication
Performing Arts Program Chair
Department Supervisor of Speech and Theater
Professor of Speech and Theater
Dutchess Community College
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