The worksheet for calculating job satisfaction is here...  
    Job Satisfaction Worksheet  

... but before using it you may want to print the instructions below.

First, fill in the Weight column, starting from row 4.  The weight is supposed to represent the significance of the Category to your overall job satisfaction, on a scale of 1 to 10.  Categories that are the most important to you should have a higher number for their weight.

Next, fill in the Score column, starting from row 4.  The score, also on a scale of 1 to 10, should reflect a rating of how you feel your employer is performing, ten being perfect.

After you complete all the scores, the rating appears in cell B2.  The formulas are designed such that the maximum score is 1000, regardless of how you weight the various categories.  The score by itself won't tell you much, but is a useful metric when you compare the value for one of your employers against the value for previous employers.

If you like, you may sort the scoring section by the Quality column.  The lower values in this column indicate areas where, if you could convince your employer to improve, your satisfaction would be most positively affected.