Jeff's Short Stories

Jeff's Short Stories






A reader might classify most of my short stories as spiritual semi-fiction. Sometimes I'm subtle, but frequently I jump straight in and spray the garden with colorful words to paint the spirituality in its own impressionist brushstrokes.

It's a simple act with deep intonations... here's a couple pages about the fine art of...

    What drives a woman to love a man? Sometimes it's the money, sometimes it's a desire to have kids. In five pages I'll explain to you that sometimes it's:  
Sometime life has a funny way of teaching you what is important.  I know that I didn't figure most things out until I was really:
Love is as scary as hell when you start a relationship; afterwards it is intensely and thoughtfully reflective. What would really help would be to have the eyeglasses for:
    You lucky soul: you get to spend a few minutes (reading about three pages) in the tropical Mexican Riviera enjoying your...  
    Most of the time when I write fiction I have something exactly in mind: I'm relating a happenstance, or I'm trying to make a point, or I'm recalling an event of spiritual significance. This story though (around eleven pages), surprises me every time I read it. I wonder if maybe there's more to this story than first appearances. It all takes place at:
    I'm rather a shy and unassuming fellow, and seldom attend parties. If perchance I did get a group of my erudite friends together, it would probably turn out like this five page story of:
    So what's a fella to do when he wants to get motivated? I couldn't recommend much else better than four pages of:
Falling in love can be a glorious thing!  Often times however the path can be rocky, and sometimes you can have five pages of a:
For some folks, life is always a little bit on-edge.  This four page piece is a little "darker," but sometimes you just need to do your...
Here's five pages to lighten your day... a bit of humor about things that my mom collected -- her:
    Like most people in the industrialized world, I tend to take my daily employment for granted. Sometimes though the unexpected can confer upon us the correct perspective, such as when I was hugged (in three pages) by these...  
    Sometimes you are just at the wrong place at the wrong time. I can't say that this is my best writing; I am sharing this story though (around eight pages), just because I owe it to a certain soul...