Here's a list of typical problems and issues that can arise in a corporation or organization that would fall under the rubric of Industrial Sociology:

Work flow poorly analyzed
Tension from poor commute conditions
Tension from etiquette induced in seller-buyer contracts
Span of control too great; span of control too short
Social distance maintained by supervisors
Segments feel unused or functions usurped by other segments
Secret sharing induces jealousy and favoritism
Physical or social isolation from other workers
Overlapping of responsibility and authority
Ostracism of wives by other wives
Lack of relationship between skill and responsibility with wages
Lack of adequate channels for communication up the line
Lack of adequate channels for communication down the line
Individual rivalries contesting for prestige or power
Inadequate definition of work routes
Inadequate definition of responsibility for delivering communication
Improper social placement
Ideological resistance to criticism
Hostility of owners, managers, or groups of workers against community
Hostility of community against owners, managers, or groups of workers
Exclusion from informal groups due to social background
Dissatisfaction with physical conditions and services
Dissatisfaction with grievance procedure
Disillusionment about pay equity
Discrepancies between ideals and actions
Discrepancies between group standards and individual patterns
Conflict in life styles
Clique antagonisms
Blockage of action caused by difficult job conditions
Blockage of action by officials in other segments
Authoritarian or arbitrary exercise of authority
Ambiguity in managerial roles

Here are the top reasons for stress in the workplace:
Unrealistic deadlines
Lack of clear direction
Lack of recognition and/or respect
Unrealistic workloads
Unresolved conflicts
Equipment problems (copy machines, phones, computers)
Having your decisions overturned
Personality conflicts
Lack of independence and control over your own job
Lack of cooperation from others
Personal money problems and being unfairly compensated for what you do
Sexual harassment