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  • Third Parties
    This site includes links to:
    · The World Health Organization
    · Advocates for Self Government
    · CUNY Brooklyn
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    · The Arts in Victorian Britain
    · Tiling Plane & Fancy
    · Symmetry and Ornament
    · xPlane Art Blog
    · FleaByte
    · Europhysics News
    · University of Wisconsin
    · David Aha's Machine Learning Page
    · North Carolina Learning Commission
    · Wired
    · Food and Drug Administration
    · Descanso Gardens
    · Google Groups
    · The Open Directory Project
    · Paisley Currah's Writing Guide
    · Holy Mother Grammatica
    · U Penn Online Books
    · Marginal Revolution
    · Blogspot
    · Gaping Void
    · Bradford DeLong
    Such third party service providers may collect personal data about visitors.