orGenta Tray Help

Most of the time after you have entered a large quantity of information into orGenta, you will want the software to reside unobtrusively "at the ready". orGenta provides a Trayed Mode option in the menu that places an icon in the Windows system tray:




When you click once on the icon in the system tray a text box appears where you can enter either a search term (a single word) or type a new item for orGenta to save. If you type a single word to search, orGenta first tries to find that word in the Categories, then in the Items, and finally in the Notes.

If you enter an item, orGenta temporarily places the item into the Unassigned category, and then begins a background process to parse and match the item to your existing Categories.

To restore orGenta to full-screen mode, double-click the icon in the system tray.