orGenta Installation Help

orGenta is availabe on the Internet from our home page:

orGenta Home Page

The software is written in Microsoft C#, and hence requires the Microsoft .Net runtime. Although this comes standard with Windows XP, people running other versions of Windows or the Home Edition of XP may need to obtain the runtime from Microsoft at the:

Microsoft .Net Framework Page

You install orGenta by unzipping it into a folder -- it doesn't matter which folder you choose (and you may create as many copies in as many folders as you like). When you install orGenta it creates the software and two starting storage files:




The first time you run orGenta it copies the starting seed storage files to what will be your two permanent storage files, orGenta.mdb and CategHier.stv (similar names to the starting files, but without the word "seed". If you need to later move orGenta to another folder or computer (with the data you have entered), be sure to copy all three files: