orGenta Categories Help

orGenta initially creates four Categories. "Main" is the topmost Category that contains all of the others. "Unassigned" holds Items that you import, or serves as a convenient location for adding new Items. "Add Category" is a placeholder that you click on to begin adding your own Categories. "TrashCan" receives Items that become orphaned after you remove them from Categories, or Items that get orphaned when you delete a Category.




When you click on "Add Category" orGenta places you into edit mode -- simply type in the name for a new category (if you change your mind and want to move to another category you can press your Esc key and then click on a different Category). When you add a new Category, it gets a small plus-sign in front of it, indicating that you may expand it and add additional subcategories. An easy way to add a lot of new Categories is to press your End key after you finish entering a category, which then goes to the end of the Category treeview.




You can nest Categories to any level -- when you click on the plus-sign you will see another "Add Category" for the level underneath the Category you just entered. In this way you can continue to enter new Categories at any level. You can move between Categories with your arrow up and down keys or by using your mouse to click on a Category.

You can move a category by clicking on it and dragging it. When you click and drag to move a Category and then release it, the category lands inside the Category you dropped it on (indented underneath as a subcategory).

To delete a Category, select it by clicking on it and then press your Delete key. When you delete a Category, any Items that it contained that aren't members of any other Category will be placed in the TrashCan.