orGenta Assignment Help

When you add an Item orGenta parses the sentence into individual words and assigns it to any Category with a matching word. orGenta also assigns an Item you enter directly to the Category to the left of where you have entered it. (Words inside of a note however do not get matched against Categories.) Hence you can add an Item to a Category either by typing it anywhere and matching a word, or typing it in the grid cell directly to the right of the Category. When you edit an Item it does not automatically rescan to match Categories against any new words that you may have added.

Category matching is case insensitive -- it doesn't matter if the words in your Items or Categories are upper or lower case. It is, however, sensitive to singulars and plurals. It is therefore sometimes helpful to include the plural of a Category as a subcategory to the singular conjugation.

When you type an Item into the Unassigned category, orGenta assigns in the background (while you are typing other items or working with other software). After it matches your Item to its Categories it removes it from Unassigned.

You can also assign an Item manually to multiple Categories with the menu option Edit, Assign To:




First select the item (or multiple items) that you want to manually assign, and then choose Edit, Assign To. Click on the checkboxes adjacent to the Categories where you would like your selected items assigned.

When you type a new Category, orGenta scans all of the existing items (in the background) and assigns them to that category if they contain a word that matches.

When you choose Tools, Import, orGenta imports items to the Unassigned Category, but then assigns them to matching Categories in the background. Any Items that remain in Unassigned after an import and its background assignment finish are there because they didn't match any of your existing Categories.

Where is it Assigned?
  If you have an item selected and wish to see other categories where it is already assigned, click on the "Occurs Again" button. orGenta will then scroll to the next assigned occurrence of the item that you have selected.