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Welcome and thank you for visiting the orGenta home page.

orGenta software organizes your thoughts automatically by category. If you desire software that is easier to use than a database and more powerful than rummaging through tasks on paper with a pen, then orGenta may be just what you seek.

After you enter an item orGenta scans the words and places your item into each matching category. You may add extensive notes to each item and store non-indexed information such as phone numbers, eMail, and web addresses. You may sort your items by any column.

orGenta also imports and exports data and offers a variety of printing options.

orGenta is shareware written in Microsoft's C#.Net and hence will run on Windows computers that have the .Net framework installed.


November 2006

orGenta 1.3 --
We are now Microsoft DotNet 2.0 compliant. The user interface has been improved as well as the category and grid synchronization.


January 2006

orGenta 1.2 --
We now have context-sensitive popup menus and an Internet Web crawler that can follow links and import pages into the database. We also added an option to "freeze" categories closed.


June 2005

orGenta 1.1 --
We now provide a minimal-interface option that runs out of the system tray! We fixed a handful of bugs, and added an item zoom box and a button toolbar.


February 2005

orGenta 1.0 --
After a full year of development, we are happy to announce the first production release of orGenta.