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orGenta is provided as a zip file; you will need software such as Winzip to install it on your computer. If you don't have Winzip, you may visit the:

WinZip Web Site

Clicking on the link below will begin downloading orGenta. Unzip it to any folder you create, and then double-click orGenta.exe to begin the software.

orGenta Version 1.3

orGenta stores the data you enter in two files: CategHier.stv and orGenta.mdb; you can find these files in the same folder where you saved orGenta.exe. For safekeeping it is always wise to occasionally backup these files to a diskette or another storage device. The developers of orGenta are not responsible for any loss of the data you enter into the software caused by power failure, hardware malfunction, or software malfunction.

orGenta is shareware written in Microsoft's C#.Net and hence will run on Windows computers that have the .Net framework installed. If you are not sure whether you have the .Net framework installed, start Windows Control Panel and then double click Add or Remove Programs (scroll down to search for 'Microsoft .NET Framework'). If you don't have it you can get it by visiting the:

Microsoft .Net Framework Page

  Release Notes  

Version 1.3
Visual improvement of user interface
Added "Expand Only" option to collapse other nodes
Synchronize on Treeview click
DotNet 2.0 compliance
Various bug fixes

Version 1.2
Web Import Crawler
Context Popup Menus
Freeze Categories
Enhanced dB Cleanup Utility
Added "Occurs Again" Search
Added debugging message capture file
Sped up exit routines
Added When date recognition of month-alone names
Automatically remove item from trash after assignment

Version 1.1
Button toolbar for common actions
Minimal interface "tray" mode
Item zoom box
Saves and restores column widths on exit
Utility option to drop all categories (keeps items)
Various bug fixes

Version 1.0
QuickPrint of single item (with note)
Advanced Print allowing field selections (registration reqd)
Explicit item-assign menu option
Calendar display
Exports items in CSV or tab-delimited formats
Sorting of categories and items

Version 0.85
Supports category Expand and Collapse All
Has a simple Print routine
Various bug fixes
Saves and restores last screen location and size
Supports adding of categories, items, and notes
Imports items from a text file
Computes dates entered in words or in standard formats
Background assigns items to categories
Can perform Find within Categories, Items, and Notes