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When you start orGenta you will see the registration reminder:

When you click on the "Registration Mail" button orGenta will start up your eMail software (such as Outlook) and complete the "To", "Subject", and "Body" of the message. You need to click on "Send" to transmit this eMail message to us.

If you do not have an eMail client you may send your request manually. Please send an eMail to, with the Subject of "orGenta Registration". Please paste the Software ID from your registration reminder screen into the body of your message (note: it will be different than the example shown above).

Customers who complete registration will have access to the "Advanced Print" and "Export Tabbed" features. We also notify registered customers when updates to the software become available.

  Reporting Bugs  

Please report problems with orGenta software to (please include the word "orGenta" in the Subject of your eMail). Describe what you were doing when you encountered the software bug, and if possible attach a screen-print graphic to show the error message.