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Thank you for your interest in orGenta. Our developers would like to make the software as bug-free as possible. Please report any of your discovered exceptions or unexpected processing to the development staff.

As of build 791, the following bugs have been corrected:


Multiple Find Again
Find Again was reporting "Not Found" after a couple of matched items, even though there were still more matches available within the grid.

Lock Icon
The small icon of a lock that appears at the top of the grid when you sort by columns is accidentally hidden. The grid however is locked for editing.

Multi-line Note Printing
Sometimes orGenta will overprint the last line of a paragraph within a Note with the first line of the following paragraph.

Focus after Tray Click
After a Tray mode search returns "Not Found", the next time you click the Tray icon the focus fails to set on the text box.


The following bugs in build 770 were fixed in build 775:

Print Button (Advanced Print)
The button is inoperative.

Cancel Printing
Clicking on the Cancel button after sending an item to print causes an exception.

Corresponding Category Not Selected
When you click on an Item orGenta selects the corresponding category in the Treeview. This fails to occur however when you click on the topmost grid Item.

Column Width Exception
If you try to adjust a column width before any Items have been selected you may get an exception.