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My goal here is to be both educational and entertaining; this is the "fun" page . . . if you're more interested in worldly issues then please visit my serious page. By the way, you may reach me at:
Write This


When I'm not creating software for an employer I enjoy writing fiction. Here's a handful of:

This piece is an extended fictional short story, around 50 pages long, about an Art class that I took last year at the UCLA Extension program:

Okay, so maybe you're tired of my writing style. There are still however plenty of interesting things to read on the Internet! First let me direct your attention to a catalog of mostly self-published short stories, genre pieces, and fan fiction (why is there so much fan fiction on the Internet?)

You can find most of the worthwhile off-copyright material that has been republished on the Internet nicely indexed at the:

Other Diversions

Maybe you've got a bit of spare time and would like to try your own hand at some creative writing. What? You don't have any ideas?! Well then, consider this as ...
Competition is scarce for the serenity and aesthetics that nature provides. Here are some recent flower photos... after you're done online, turn off your computer and go visit an actual garden!

If you are into some more serious topical reading, you may enjoy some of these blogs (the top link is my own blog):

Hey, who doesn't like to eat? And nothing is finer than a fresh-baked loaf of bread. Boy you must have visited the correct website today, because people rave about:

Hey, here's a very cool map of:

Search engines are great if you know what you're looking for, but I've found greater felicity by perusing:

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