2006 Wisdom Awards










Every year I scan the web for new sites that show a heartfelt attempt at accumulating wisdom. This year I lean heavily towards sites focused on eclectic areas of education. Since the knowledge of facts does not directly correlate with wisdom, I attempted to select sites that go beyond simply providing encyclopedic descriptions: peruse these selections and gain a variety of wisdom as a just reward for your seeking.

The 2006 words of wisdom were...


I tabulated the results from Google and Touchgraph searches in April. In an effort to remain courteous to the site owners, the links below generally point to their entry page... you might have to search their site to find the specific document that I'm referencing.

May I have the envelope please?



Scientific Reports

You would be fairly amazed at the amount of research sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy. And since you paid for it with your tax dollars, you have the ability to read the results! Some sample papers:

Designs for maximum utilization of district heating systems
Geothermal Energy: Current abstracts
Design and Performance of the Soft Gamma-ray Detector for the NeXT mission
Cosmic Evolution of Black Holes And Spheroids
Research Leading to High Throughput Manufacturing of Thin-Film CdTe PV Modules

Having these papers online is as nice as having annual subscriptions to several science magazines...



Play It Again

I love listening to the piano; it's too bad that I never learned to play. But for you perhaps it is not too late -- here is a site with wonderful ideas and instruction along with terrific pointers for how to retain qualified personal instructors. Although the site has been around for quite some time, they continue to add new articles:

An Introduction to MIDI for Pianists
Dealing with Missed Lessons
Music and The Home Computer: Creating Sound and Music on the PC
The Ins and Outs, Twists and Turns of Scale Playing
Starting a Private Teaching Studio

You could be the next Mozart!



Winning Student Papers

Our friends at Oracle sponsor an annual competition for students to create informative websites; Oracle then catalogs and organizes them for the public to search and read. The student web sites not only make excellent reading, but the whole idea of hosting the competition is superb:



Salvation Through Art

Can communities become better through organized application and promotion of artistic endeavors? These folks think it's possible, and they provide guides and summaries of ideas pertinent to the development of an enlightened culture. Here's a sampling of some of their recent news stories:

- Study on international cultural work
- A&B study on investing in culture
- New South East Arts & Health Website
- Arts Council England restructure
- New Scottish arts and health initiative
- Sound Sense website re-launched
- DigiArts call for project proposals

If you have news and views related to the Arts and Culture, visit the...



Educator Resources

This blog is a general resource for teachers and educators, spotlighting advances in technology that may affect learning and education:

More women playing computer games: new studies
Mobile learning resources
Collaborative video teaching for the deaf
Social software targeted by Congress
More AJAX tutorials on the Web
Podcasting on the cheap



Smart Business Practices

Most of the work in the world is actually about moving *stuff*. Professionals call this Logistics, and far from being dull and dead-end, research and best practices in the field of Logistics reflect the ever changing technological and political environment of the world. This site has clearly written business-oriented papers describing some of the most common challenges faced by most employees at most business.

India: Asia's New Frontier
Nebraska: America's Emerging Logistics Center
Logistics Goes to the Head of the Class
Reducing Complexity
Innovation: A Fresh Eye on the Supply Chain
Balancing on the Rim (Asia)

Beyond just transportation issues however, this site has both business strategic planning as well as personal development articles.