2005 Wisdom Awards










Every year I scan the web for new sites that show a heartfelt attempt at accumulating wisdom. Although this year I venture a bit further into the realm of esoteric knowledge and opinions, I'm keeping last year's global focus; this year the 2005 trophy selects the top six sites focusing on global technology and security issues.

The 2005 words of wisdom were...


I tabulated the results from an AllTheWeb search in October. In an effort to remain courteous to the site owners, the links below generally point to their entry page... you might have to search their site to find the specific document that I'm referencing.

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Sustainable Agriculture

Where would we be without our food! There is so much continuous activity and development in this area that it is astounding and enlightening to read food news:

In order to qualify for the Salmon-Safe eco-label, producers must minimize the use of irrigation water, limit soil erosion entering streams, use natural weed and pest control methods, promote biodiversity, and protect or restore vegetation along streambanks.

Find out what is happening with the people who provide your food, and support those who meet your standards...



European Foreign Policy

It's always important to get varying outlooks on the same global issues; reading a wide range of opinions is the key to independent thinking. The U.K. Foreign Policy center provides this perspective on many topics:

* Civility Programme for Middle East reform * Democracy and Development * European Democracy * Risk and Security * Public Diplomacy * Global Europe * World Order After Iraq * Migration and Integration * Business and the World * China and Globalisation * India and Globalisation * The Future of Russia * Energy Security * The Euro * Trade * Transatlantic Relations

Well organized with hundreds of reports:



Global Issue Links

Farleigh Dickinson University offers a very impressive page of links as part of their "Global Challenge (Distance-learning)" program. It includes sections on:

News, AIDS, Science, Moral Reasoning, Human Rights, Globalization, the Environment, and Security.

With hundreds of links, worth the visit:



Virtual Medicine

Medicine is moving toward the forefront of implementing inventive leading-edge technologies. The Virtual Medical Worlds Magazine has some interesting case studies, but it's far more enlightening to read about the upcoming conferences:

Combining the two leading virtual environment workshops in Europe in 2005 and having the opportunity to experience the VR Media Lab with its six-sided cave, panorama, power wall and AR/VR lab located at the technology park of Aalborg will result in a spectacular - not to be missed - event for researchers and users of virtual environments technology.

You can get their magazine articles from their home page, but first stop by and visit the:



Energy News

Energy use and conservation will no doubt be at the forefront of our concerns for the next several decades. The EnergyVortex site presents an excellent and varied overview of news stories relating to issues in this industry:

Local real estate developer The Tower Companies announced its purchase of 82 million kilowatt hours of clean, 100% pure wind energy to meet all of their energy needs from Sterling Planet over the next two-year period. With this wind energy purchase, Tower ranks #17 in the country for Green Power purchasing giving Tower the distinction of being the first and only real estate developer among the EPA Green Power Top 25 Leadership Club, which includes The World Bank.

Although they also cater towards industry placement, advertising, and conferences, I highly recommend the news on their home page at:



Volunteering for a Charity

Several sites have jumped on the bandwagon for bringing together volunteers and people who care about philanthropy with nonprofit organizations. GuideStar has one of the most comprehensive reviews of the purposes and finances of nonprofits across a wide range of interests.

International Medical Corps (IMC) is a global humanitarian nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering through health care training and medical relief programs. Established in 1984 by volunteer United States doctors and nurses, IMC is a private, nonpolitical, nonsectarian organization. Its mission is to improve the quality of life through health interventions and related activities that build local capacity in areas worldwide where few organizations dare to serve.

I have found however that the best way to search GuideStar is by way of Google, for example this query gives medical charities in Los Angeles: