2004 Wisdom Awards












Each year I surf the Internet for exceptional sites that impart positive knowledge. In previous years I've distinguished sites of personal improvement; this year the 2004 trophy selects the top four sites focusing on global issues.

The 2004 words of wisdom were...


I tabulated the results from an AllTheWeb search in May. In an effort to remain courteous to the site owners, the links below generally point to their entry page... you might have to search their site to find the specific document that I'm referencing.

May I have the envelope please?

  In-Depth Whitepapers  




The Development Gateway maintains a large and diverse collection of whitepapers. Many are politically motivated position statements, but most are well written and will open your eyes to the rest of the world. A single example:

... the report features five case studies: the Yunnan, China Earthquake Reconstruction Program; the Fez Medina Rehabilitation Project in Morocco; the Peru Indigenous Cultural Heritage Project; the Cambodia Road Rehabilitation Project; and the St. Petersburg City Center Rehabilitation Project in Russia.

Well organized with hundreds of reports:


  Sustainable Links Ahoy!  




Eco Sustainable Developments has a page with links to hundreds of resources in over twenty categories; a few example categories include:

02 - Building, Housing, Urban Development
03 - Renewable Energy, Alternative Technology
04 - Education, Research, Universities
06 - Employment, Career, Volunteer Opportunities
10 - Eco-Tourism, Ecovillages, Eco Real Estate

Be sure to visit both their links and their projects:


  Teaching Peace  

Originally sponsored by the Minnesota Veterans For Peace, this online curriculum includes biographies of world leaders who promoted peace, as well as lesson plans and homework assignments. The overview includes:

First Week - Overview: Poverty as a Form of Violence
Second Week - Violence and Conditioning
Third Week - Non-Violent Change
Fourth Week - Working Together
Fifth Week - Oriental Philosophies
Sixth Week - Western Philosophies
Seventh Week - United Nations
Eighth Week - The Ethics of War and Peace
Ninth Week - The Science of Matter and Energy
Tenth Week - The Problems of Disarmament
Eleventh Week - Economic Conversion
Twelfth Week - One World Beyond War

Use their online search to meet your interests:


  Responsible Investing  




Corporations play a large role in the world, and many can be swayed by their investors. The SRI World Group keeps an archive of articles and a nice summary headline page of these issues at: