--Black River Major -- (Fleetwing X Lovely Melody)was our foundation sire. This legendary stallion won countless champion honors as an in hand stallion and park harness horse from New York to the World Championship show in Oklahoma. These pictures were taken at age 27.

---Black River Major --- We have several wonderful Major daughters in our broodmare band. Our base herd focused on government and Brunk bloodlines and includes additional Fleetwing lines thru daughters and granddaughters of Black River Thor, Black River Pegasus, The Buckeye, and Reata's Mexicali Rose.

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****EF Hot Wheels**** (Centurion Command X Emprise Cari Destiny) Wheels is the new stallion at Four Seasons Farm. He has a beautiful head, large eyes and his ears are the BEST!! His neck is very upright and he has a beautiful clean throat latch. Wheels is a bay but his dam is a liver chestnut with a silver mane and tail (my favorite color) so we are hoping to have some beautiful flaxens by him.

****EF Hot Wheels**** Wheels is very typey yet has the refinement to compete in today's show ring and he has a great trot. He has a short barefoot and no chains on in this photo.  His offspring have been competing at class A and regional shows from New York to the midwest and are doing very well.


***PKF Classic Spats*** (Shakers Sheridan X Downers Debutante). Spats is a Vigilmarch grandson with a beautifully shaped long neck and a clean throatlatch. His bloodlines also go back to lots of good Brunk and Devan. He has won blue ribbons as an English Pleasure, Pleasure driving and Natural Park horse but it is as a Western horse that his true ability comes thru. He was the 1994 Res. National Champion Amateur Western Pleasure stallion---one of the best in the nation!! His offspring are very much like their dad. They are beautiful, very easy to train, sensible and talented.

***Northerly Llwellyn*** (Northerly Intrigue X Northerly Gifted) Lew is a very upheaded, striking dark palomino stallion with a bold balanced natural trot and lots of energy. Lew has been gelded but his picture has been left here as a reference photo for his two daughters--Season's Miss Effie and Season's Eternal Dawn.





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