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Professor of Physics and Astronomy and Nuclear Consultant

After receiving his B.S. in Chemistry from Loyola College in 1970, Mannone has worked as a research chemist for Martin Marietta Corporate Research Laboratories in Baltimore, MD.

There he worked on the photochemistry of hydrazine fuel after-burn and its impact on Martian life-detection equipment on Viking lander. Also, he worked on the accelerated aging of electro-explosives used on the Voyager II probe.

After earning a Master's in Physical Theoretical Chemistry from Georgetown University in Washington, DC in 1978, Mr. Mannone made a career change towards the nuclear industry. He obtained his expertise while working on Naval nuclear reactors in Idaho. He has worked as a consultant to both the commercial nuclear industry and to the Department of Energy.

Mannone was drawn to beautiful East Tennessee in 1981 when TVA needed a physical chemist with a nuclear background to work on a fluidized bed incinerator that was to burn low-level radioactive waste. His consulting was punctuated with additional academic pursuits at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville (UTK): Master's in Physics (1988) with a specialty in plasma physics.

Mannone teaches whenever he can; this is his first love. He has served as a full time Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Cleveland State Community College (2000-2002) and as a Visiting Professor (honorary) at the Tamke-Allan Observatory in Rockwood, TN (2002-present). He has been appointed to their advisory board (2004).

He is presently completing his doctorate in Electrical Engineering at UTK. Concurrently, he is serving as a consultant in nuclear industry and often serves as an Adjunct Professor of Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Currently he is on the faculty of Hiwassee College

His astronomy interests include astrophysical plasmas, multi-wavelength spectroscopy, and radio astronomy. Mr. Mannone currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers (2004-2008). In addition to these interests, he is fascinated with the impact of astronomy on historical events, astronomy in poetic literature, and in biblical astronomy.

He is also a published poet in literary quality journals and magazines, as well as in publications of international significance (Guy Ottewell's Astronomical Calendar (2007), John Dobson's 90th Birthday Commemorative Book (2006), and The Reflector, publication of the Astronomy League (March 2005)). He often uses astronomy-related poetry in his very diverse outreach efforts.

John is an instrument rated pilot and active in area churches, especially through PoeticWord Ministries. John resides in North McMinn County, East Tennessee.

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