Roses Hybridized by Jack E. Christensen

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  1. ALMONDEEN (AROfrap*) Plant Patent #5704 -- Pink with Almond Creme Center - Hybrid Tea; blooms heavily. Unusual coloration. Moderate height. (First Prize x Angel Face).

  2. Up AZURE SEA (AROlala) Plant Patent # 5603 -- Mauve Hybrid Tea; broad petals; good growth; bushy; moderate height. [(First Prize x Angel Face) x Blue Nile].

  3. BLOOMIN' EASY (AROtrusim) PPAF -- Red Floribunda; upright, floriferous habit. Moderately tall. (Trumpeter x Simplicity). [No longer sold.]

  4. Up BLUE RIBBON (AROlical) Plant Patent #6000 -- Lavender Hybrid Tea, very fragrant, large flowers. Moderate growth; low to moderate height. [(Ivory Tower x Angel Face) x Blue Nile].

  5. Up BRANDY [AARS-82] (AROcad*) Plant Patent #5168 -- Beautiful apricot Hybrid Tea! Very popular. Benefits from afternoon shading in hot climates. Moderately tall. One of my personal favorites. Even Bill Warriner (who was not known for his flattery) once admitted, "I think this is a GOOD rose . . . but if it had five more petals, it would be a great rose." I may be prejudiced, but I think it is a great rose anyway! [First Prize x Dr. A. J. Verhage (Golden Wave)].

  6. Up BRASS BAND [AARS-95] (JACcofl) PPAF -- Yellow buds open to deep peach-colored flowers; unusual and quite striking. Blooms heavily. Fairly low. (Gold Badge x Holy Toledo).

  7. BUGLE BOY (AROglofy) -- Yellow Floribunda. [No longer sold.]

  8. CAMILLE ANTOINETTE GILLESPIE -- Yellow and Pink Hybrid Tea. [No longer sold.]

  9. CANARY SONG * -- Yellow Hybrid Tea. [No longer sold.]

  10. CANDLELIGHT (AROwedye*) Plant Patent #5398 -- Variable yellow Hybrid Tea.

  11. CATHERINE McAULEY (JACibras) PVR No 334. -- Vibrant yellow Floribunda; clusters of high-centered, double flowers repeat quickly. Medium height. [(Gingersnap x Brandy) x Sunsprite].

  12. "CENTENARY COLLEGE" (AROblaveet) -- Deep red Grandiflora. [No longer sold.]

  13. CHARM BRACELET (JACfog) PPAF -- Deep Yellow Miniature. Stays low. (Fool's Gold x Seedling).

  14. Up CONFETTI (AROjechs*) Plant Patent #5399 -- Multicolor Hedge Rose; quite beautiful. Buds are exceptional. Moderately tall; bushy. (Jack o' Lantern x Zorina).

  15. CRICKET (AROket) Plant Patent #4663 -- Orange Miniature. Medium height. (Anytime x Zorina).

  16. Up CRYSTALLINE (ARObipy**) PPAF -- White Hybrid Tea, large and especially well-formed in the bud stage. Moderately tall. {Bridal Pink x [Blue Nile x (Ivory Tower x Angel Face)]}.

  17. "DARK KNIGHT" (AROdani) -- Deep Red Hybrid Tea. [No longer sold.]

  18. Up DREAM CLOUD (AROpiclu) Plant Patent #5998 -- Shrub rose, myriads of coral pink flowers cover a mounded shrub most of the blooming season. Medium height; broad. [No longer sold.]

  19. ELDORADO (JACspri) PRR -- Yellow Floribunda with deep green, shiny foliage. Quite floriferous. Fairly low. [No longer sold.]

  20. Up FERRIS WHEEL (AROyumi) Plant Patent #5703 -- Orange and Yellow Miniature, like a tiny version of Circus Parade. Stays low. (Golden Angel x Cricket).

  21. Up FIRE n' ICE (AROfiric**) Red and white Grandiflora, especially for florist use. (Bluhwunder x Love).

  22. FIRST LADY NANCY (AROnance*) Plant Patent #5295 -- Hybrid Tea - cream with pink blush. Tall. (First Prize x American Heritage). [No longer sold, unfortunately.]

  23. FOOL'S GOLD (AROgobi) Plant Patent #5702 -- Miniature; orange with a golden reverse; unusual. Stays low. (Cricket x Golden Wave).

  24. FOXY LADY (AROshrim) Plant Patent #4762 -- Miniature, light pink. (Gingersnap x Magic Carrousel). [No longer sold.]

  25. UpFRAGRANT PLUM (AROplumi) -- Hybrid Tea. Flowers are a richly fragrant lavender with deeper edging. Large, glossy foliage. Vigorous, upright growth. Long stems. Outstanding plant characteristics. {Shocking Blue x [Blue Nile x (Ivory Tower x Angel Face)]}.

  26. UpGARDENS OF THE WORLD (JACcoeur) -- Hybrid Tea, white with strong pink edge. Large, glossy foliage. Moderate height. [Dame de Coeur x (Sunsprite x Brandy)].

  27. UpGIVENCHY (AROdousna) [Also called PARIS PINK] -- Pink blend Hybrid Tea with creams and yellows in the heart. Medium height. (Gingersnap x Double Delight).

  28. Up GOLD MEDAL (AROyqueli) Plant Patent #5177 -- Popular Yellow Grandiflora, good hardiness, very vigorous, tall growth; relatively winter-hardy. [Yellow Pages x (Granada x Garden Party)].

  29. "HAIKU" (AROyefel**) Yellow florist rose. [No longer sold.]

  30. HEATHER (JAClav) [Also called SILVER ANNIVERSARY] Plant Patent #7658 -- Lavender Hybrid Tea for florist use, highly fragrant. Tall. {Bridal Pink x [Blue Nile x (Ivory Tower x Angel Face)]} x Shocking Blue. [No longer sold.]

  31. Up HEIDI (AROdi) Plant Patent #4355 -- Pink Miniature Moss Rose. Medium height.

  32. HELEN BOEHM (AROprawn) Plant Patent #5397 -- Light Pink Miniature. [No longer sold.]

  33. "HELLO DOLLY" (AROheddo) -- Yellow Hybrid Tea. [No longer sold.]

  34. Up HENRY FONDA (JACyes) PPAF -- Yellow Hybrid Tea. Medium height. (Seedling x Seedling).

  35. Up HOLY TOLEDO (ARObri) Plant Patent #4659 -- American Rose Society Award of Excellence -- strong gold and apricot coloration; designated as The Official Flower of the City of Toledo, Ohio. On the tall side for a miniature, so it's quite easy to grow. (Gingersnap x Magic Carrousel).

  36. HONEST ABE (AROn) Plant Patent #4356 -- Deep Red Miniature Moss Rose. Stays low.

  37. HOPSCOTCH (AROyol) Plant Patent #4664 -- Yellow Miniature. (Gingersnap x Magic Carrousel) [No longer sold.]

  38. Up HOTLINE (AROmikeh) Plant Patent #5672 -- Orange-Red Miniature. Stays low. (Honest Abe x Trumpeter).

  39. INFERNO (AROkunce) -- Orange Grandiflora, smallish buds and flowers. [No longer sold.]

  40. JENNIFER HART (AROart*) P.P.#5219 -- Red Hybrid Tea of the "Hart to Hart" TV series. [No longer sold.]

  41. KATHERINE LOKER (AROker*) Plant Patent #4666 -- Yellow Floribunda. (Zorina x Golden Wave). [No longer sold.]

  42. Up LAGERFELD (AROlaqueli) -- Pastel Lavender Grandiflora, extremely fragrant; tall-growing; long, exquisite buds. Tall. [Blue Nile x (Ivory Tower x Angel Face).]

  43. Up LANVIN (AROlemo) -- Yellow Hybrid Tea with contrasting reddish foliage. Medium height.

  44. LAVENDER MIST (Mystic Mauve) -- Climber. Lavender. Moderate vigor and height.

  45. LITTLE RED DEVIL (AROvidil) -- Light Red Miniature. Medium height. (Gingersnap x Magic Carrousel).

  46. Up LOVE POTION (JACsedi) [Also called PURPLE PUFF] PPAF -- Lavender Floribunda, extremely fragrant; very strong-growing; blooms heavily and frequently. Medium height. (Seedling x Dilly Dilly).

  47. Up LUCILLE BALL (JACapri) Plant Patent #8605 -- Apricot Hybrid Tea. Medium height. [(Gingersnap x Brandy) x (Sunsprite x Brandy)].

  48. Up MIDAS TOUCH [AARS-95] (JACtou) Plant Patent # 8706 -- WOW! Dazzling yellow Hybrid Tea; easy to grow; moderate height; quick repeat bloom. Medium height. (Brandy x Friesensonne).

  49. MINT JULEP (AROgresh) Plant Patent #5705 -- Grandiflora -- pale pink buds and green flowers. Tall. (Seedling of Queen Elizabeth, believe it or not!) [No longer sold.]

  50. MISS LIBERTE' (AROvulc) -- Hybrid Tea, Orange and Red blended together. Medium height. [(Camelot x First Prize) x Gingersnap].

  51. Up MON CHERI [AARS-82] (AROcher) Plant Patent #5156 -- Hybrid Tea, buds start pink and, in sunlight, open to deep, velvety red flowers; often the first rose to bloom in springtime. Mon Cheri is my wife's favorite rose -- so far! Medium height. [(White Satin x Bewitched) x Double Delight].

  52. Up MOON SHADOW (JAClaf) Plant Patent #9538 -- Lavender Hybrid Tea, very fragrant and easy to grow. Medium tall. (Blue Ribbon x Seedling).

  53. MORNING SUN (AROsumo) Plant Patent #5466 -- Yellow Hybrid Tea. Medium tall.

  54. "ORANGE JUICE" (AROraju) -- Orange Grandiflora, striking color, but not at all cold-hardy. Moderate height. (Katherine Loker x Gingersnap). [No longer sold.]

  55. ORANGE SPLASH (JACseraw) PPAF -- Orange and White Striped Floribunda. Bushy; moderate height.

  56. ORIGAMI (AROcharm**) -- Light Pink Floribunda. Medium height. (Coquette x Zorina).

  57. PARK PLACE (AROcruby) -- Red and White Floribunda. Medium. (Rumba x Seedling).

  58. Up PATSY CLINE (AROcomu) Plant Patent #5556 -- Hybrid Tea, cream to deep pink; fragrant. Medium height. (Angel Face x First Prize).

  59. Up PEPPERMINT TWIST (JACraw) PPAF -- Grandiflora, variable red with white stripes; tall-growing; blooms both in clusters and singly. (Pinstripe x King Juan).

  60. PLUM CRAZY (AROgraju) -- Deep Lavender Hybrid Tea. Medium height. [(Ivory Tower x Angel Face) x Blue Nile].

  61. POLO CLUB (AROtigy) -- Grandiflora, yellow with red edges. Medium height. (Gingersnap x Young Quinn).

  62. Up PURPLE TIGER (JACpur) PPAF -- Very different! Deep Plum dramatically splashed with whites and pinks. Highly unusual! Extremely fragrant, too! The ultimate novel rose! Low to medium height. (Intrigue x Pinstripe).

  63. RAINBOW WARRIOR (CHRisgood) -- New in 1996, but available so far only in South Africa. Remarkable Grandiflora! Yellow, orange and red stripes on well-shaped, double blooms; flowers age to rust red! Healthy, glossy foliage. Moderately tall. (Voodoo x Seedling).

  64. RODEO DRIVE (AROcore) [Also sold as Sunset Strip.] -- Red Hybrid Tea, very large flowers. [No longer sold.]

  65. ROYAL DELIGHT (AROreroy**) Plant Patent #6910 -- Large red Hybrid Tea for florist use. Tall. (Red Success x Royalty).

  66. SCARLETT O'HARA (AROresas**) Plant Patent #6670 -- Deep Red Hybrid Tea for florist use. [No longer sold.]

  67. SHOWOFF (AROwago) -- Grandiflora, red with lighter reverse. Tall. [No longer sold.]

  68. SILK HAT (AROsilha) -- Hybrid Tea, unusual deep pink/lighter pink coloration. [No longer sold.]

  69. Up SILVERADO (AROgrewod) -- Hybrid Tea, lavender with white reverse. Lovely form and color, particularly in the bud stage. Medium height. [(Ivory Tower x Angel Face) x Paradise].

  70. SIMPLY WONDERFUL (CHRisnusp) Plant Patent #9607 -- Upright Patio Hedge Rose; small, well-shaped red and white buds open to distinctive and variable 2-inch red and white flowers. Medium to tall. [No longer sold.]

  71. "SPRING FEVER" (AROcant) -- Orange-blend Hybrid Tea. [No longer sold.]

  72. STRAWBERRY FAYRE (AROwillip) -- Patio Rose featuring variable flecks and striping in shades of light pink, deep pink, strawberry red and deep red with white. Long pointed buds and double blossoms. Moderate growth and height. (Alleluia x Pinstripe).

  73. "SUNDIAL" (AROlyme) -- Yellow Hybrid Tea. [No longer sold.]

  74. SUNSPRAY (AROrasp) Plant Patent #5035 -- Vigorous Yellow Miniature. Medium-tall. (Gingersnap x Magic Carrousel).

  75. Up TANGO (JACboy) PPAF -- Florist rose, orange and white Hybrid Tea. (Mercedes x Fire 'n' Ice).

  76. UpTIGER TAIL (JACtiger) PRR -- Floribunda, orange and white stripe; quite distinctive. This is one of my personal favorites, and it was only introduced in 1992, but curiously no one seems to be selling it now. Medium height. (Matangi x Pinstripe). [No longer sold.]

  77. TUTTI-FRUTTI (JACtutti) Plant Patent #8229 -- Miniature, yellow with red stripes. Low.

  78. TUXEDO (ARObrisp) -- Deep Red Hybrid Tea. [No longer sold.]

  79. Up VALERIE SWANE (AROkish) -- White Floribunda, well-shaped, very fragrant, double blooms on a vigorous plant. Medium height. [Deep Purple x (Ivory Tower x Angel Face)].

  80. Up VOODOO [AARS-86] (AROmiclea) Plant Patent #6121 -- Tall Hybrid Tea; golden orange buds open through various shades of melon, orange and rust red. In our test fields it was nick-named "Mister Clean," because it was quite resistant to diseases. Tall. {[(Camelot x First Prize) x Typhoo Tea] x Lolita}

  81. "WAIKIKI" (AROlin) -- Pink Hybrid Tea. [No longer sold.]

  82. Up WHITE LIGHTNIN' [AARS-81] (AROwhif*) Plant Patent #4670 -- Very Fragrant White Grandiflora; lemon-scented. Moderate height. (Angel Face x Misty).

  83. YELLOW JACKET (JACyepat) PRR -- Shrub, deep yellow flowers. Low. Also sold as 'Gold Dust.'

1)  Names in parentheses, such as (AROfrap), designate international denominations. 
2)  * signifies that this rose was hybridized jointly with Herbert C. Swim. 
3)  ** means that this rose was hybridized jointly with Thomas F. Carruth. 
4)  PPAF = Plant Patent Applied For. 
5)  [AARS-95] designates All-America Winners and the year of introduction. 
6)  Roses with names in "quotes" were sold but never officially registered.
7)  "PVR No" refers to Australian plant variety rights numbers
     (similar to U.S. plant patents).

Jack E. Christensen