Gargoyle Girl

The Gargoyle Girl - I have always wanted to do gargoyles. I see them as half human, half bat, but with the advantage of being able to have arms and hands as well as wings. I guess there is no definition of what a gargoyle is - it is a creature of pure human imagination.

For weeks I struggled with how the face must look. Stupidly, I kept trying to fit happiness into the face and it never worked. The human brain has a special place in its unconscious for bats - and happy go lucky does not fit that space. I realized that she had to be a darker type of person.

For a little girl to be dark, she had to be petulant. I began imagining a hot night with no relief from the heat. She would extend her wings and hold up the hair off her neck to cool down, all the while angry at the inconvenience. For the photograph, I constructed a church rampart with those heavy type medieval stones. The only consistent theme I have been able to find out about gargoyles is that they tend to hang out with that kind of architecture.

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