The Ace 4-40 Biplane

Ace makes several planes from this kit, this one is the 4 40 biplane. Its gentle slow flight capabilities are partially due to the non controlled upper wing. Without ailerons, the upper wing provides lift, but no directional control. With hardware, it is quick to assemble, easy to transport, and a nice plane for a first bipe. This one was covered in silkspan, and the lettering is painted (Yes, PAINTED!). I used the O.S. Max FP-40 Four stroke Surpass engine, and it really gives it that real bipe feeling to see this barnstormer putter around in the sky. If you are looking to bore holes in the air, keep looking 'cause this one isn't for that. This one is just for that Sunday afternoon, lazy flying.

The Ace 4-40

The Ace 4-40  with me holding it

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