The Tower Hobbies Kaos

This is the Kaos kit from Tower Hobbies. I was asked to build it up, and make ready for framing. The kit is much different than the original Midwest kit, but it seemed a little more solid. I wasn't that thrilled by the quality of the wood, nor the lack of preparation from the kit. All of the elevators and hinged surfaces were just cut square, making you shape and form each edge. That makes for a real, time consuming build. I modified it slightly by capping the wing tips, like what you find on the Hots II, and I think that it really made it look much better. The wing tips were also just junk balsa blocks, so shaping that much although isn't impossible, makes for a ton of balsa dust, and is just a kit manufacturer cutting corners and making you do something that a machine could do in seconds. I'd be interested to see if any one else has built this kit, and they're impressions since I wasn't that thrilled! I will admit though, as much of a pain it was, it finished real nice, and kept the classic lines of the Kaos. My experience is that the Kaos is a real dream to fly, and landings are solid as a rock. This one sports a Futaba radio, Tower FS 60, and a carbon spar in the center of the wing.

The Tower Kaos

Less than $200 for the job!

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