The Ugly Stick 40

The plane that dominated the Fun-Fly circuit in 1998

I needed a fun fly plane for a series of Fly-in's and Fun-fly's and has never before looked at the Ugly stick. I found this 40 sized kit at a garage sale, with a browned old box. I gave the guy $5.00 for it, and took it home. Not wanting just to build another stick, I reversed the wing dihedral, creating an-hedral With that, I just stated flying this plane inverted more than right side up! I would do inverted limbo's with the string less than 2 feet above the ground. This plane added to my reputation of my callsign (Invert), so I built this trike gear that would rubber band onto the wing so I could do real inverted takeoffs!

My Anhedral ugly stick

If I build another Ugly Stick, I will remove the wing tips and replace them with flat caps, and flatten the leading edge of the rudder. Other than that, this plane is just simple and effective. This one sports a O.S. 48 FS, Futaba programmable radio to give flaperons & mixing. Add those to this stable craft give you some terrific control.

My Anhedral ugly stick

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