The Thunder Tiger Sport 40 L

Take a look at one huge piece of crap. This pig just misses the mark. Looks ok, was easy to build, has a foam core wing, and had a great hardware pack to go with it. What's the problem? I flies like a pig. With adequate elevator throw, it will tip-spin. It takes all day to do a loop, and wont knife-edge for 10 feet. Save your money, I wish I did! I would strongly recommend not buying this plane, because if you are skills are fairly new, you wont understand why it acts like it does, and you will be disappointed. I was able to improve flight performance with dialing in some aileron differential and some flaperon. Mixing the rudder only made it more like a pig. I don't think everyone has the time/patience/skill to make a bad design fly well. Thunder Tiger should have considered that

Sport 40 1

Sport 40 2
Flying crap!

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