James A. Bonnardel

Vehicle Fleet Manager, Administrative Analyst II

1961 Westinghouse St.
San Diego, CA. 92111-6609

Phone: (619) 292-5518 Fax: (619) 569-6229

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University of California, San Diego Vehicle Fleet Manager
9500 Gilman Drive #0033 La Jolla, CA. 92093-0033
Oct. 1994 - Current

Tasks/ Responsibilities

Direct office staff, maintenance and detailing personnel.
Maintain vehicle files for a fleet of 12, 15, 25, 27 and 33 passenger shuttle busses and shuttle vans.
Manage a fleet of over 500 rental vehicles of all types including 40 fifteen passenger vanpool vans.
Evaluate daily conditions to dispatch vehicles for their respective routes.
Design, implement and maintain computer programs to monitor charges and billings incurred for each separate vehicle account.
Direct daily, monthly and permanent vehicle rentals.
Maintain service records and daily inspection reports per California Highway Patrol regulations.
Interview, hire, supervise and evaluate maintenance technicians and cleaning personnel.
Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual budgets.
Vehicle training instructor.
Design, implement and maintain driver training programs for entire campus including staff and student shuttle drivers for all classes of vehicles under the DMV's DL 170 program.
Maintain UCSD's DL Pull-Notice system.
Provide safety lectures and exams.

Other positions held with UCSD

Jun. 1987-Oct. 1994 Maintenance Coordinator
Directing and controlling all aspects of maintenance, maintenance inspections and maintenance personnel for a fleet of 15 Class B Passenger Buses and 40 class B 15 passenger Vanpool vehicles.

Oct. 1982-Jun. 1987 Senior Automotive Equipment Operator
Operate on fixed and variable routes Class B Buses up to 33 passenger with air-brakes, manual & automatic transmissions on a commercial operators license

Feb. 1982-Oct. 1982 Senior Parking Enforcement Officer
Enforce parking regulations and issue citations/warnings where applicable. Public assistance. Public contact liaison during critical situations such as: Fire Alarms, Emergency preparedness drills etc. Traffic control officer.

Jackman Wheels Inc. Racing Division Assistant Manager
7201 Raytheon Rd. San Diego, CA 92111
Sep. 1979-Mar. 1982

Tasks/ Responsibilities

Supervisor of installation department including racing sponsorship activities.
Schedule mechanic activities.
Suspension designing and installations for all classes of race, support and private vehicles.
Prepare budget reports for charge accounts and retail sales.
Participation in promotional events and marketing.


University of California at San Diego La Jolla, CA 92093 John Muir College GPA 3.50
Major: Computer Science/ Minor: Electrical Engineering
While attending UCSD, I accepted a full-time position with Transportation and Parking Services.
I have since only pursued classes that pertain to current career advancement

San Diego Mesa College 7250 Mesa College Dr. San Diego, CA 92111 GPA 3.89
Major: Aviation Technology/Minor: Music
After graduating high school early, I pursued my interest in aviation technologies and related studies. This led me into electronics and computer technology


IMPCO/Petrolane CNG/LPG fuels maintenance and training certification. #ISM11526.

Member of the National Committee for Motor Fleet Supervisory Training.

California Highway Patrol: Certified school bus instructor. #181.

Department of Education: Certified classroom driving instructor #A13280.

United Truck Driving School: Class "A" and heavy equipment certified.

U.S. Dept. of Transportation Transportation Safety Institute Alternative Fuels Safety instructor certificate.

American Trucking Association Safety Compliance certification.

Computer Skills

All aspects of Microsoft Office Pro 97. MS Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint. Can fully create and operate databases spreadsheets, wordprocessing programs.

UNIX LAN systems. Netscape and many other networking programs and browsers. FTP, Finger, DAMON and many transfer protocols.

Corel Webmaster 8, Corel presentation, Adobe Photoshop, Photoenhancer 4.0, and many other graphic emulators and programs. Can completely operate graphic programs to produce manuals, handouts, fliers, presentations (multimedia & handout).

Specify, configure, setup and maintain computer networking operations. Computer building experience and trouble shooting skills down to the motherboard and chassis level. Have built multiple systems from components.

Digital imaging and video presentations, HTML (WWW Pages) programmer.

Hobbies and Interests

Watersports of all kinds. Water-skiing, Fishing, Boating, Surfing & Diving.

Radio Control Models, Stunt Kites , anything that flies!

Computer Enthusiast (nerd). Super User. Building chassis, motherboards, and configuring artificial intelligence into model systems.

Neighborhood safety watch commander.


Avalable upon request or by downloading my Resume.

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