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Radio Control Specialties designs and builds electronic equipment for all models, builds airframes (either kit or custom designed using Model Cad) builds RTF or EZ kits, finishes models to specification, provides flight training (either fixed wing or helicopter) , hand winds custom off -road, street car, truck & boat motors to specification . We assemble car & truck kits, All for the LOWEST PRICES IN CALIFORNIA.

Anything R/C.

If it is capable of being remotely manipulated, we'll make it for you, then we will make it fun for you!

Our Business

Based in one simple fact. R/C hobbies are supposed to be fun and rewarding, not a pain in the butt and expensive. We have grown because we provide quality craftsmanship for the best price. There is usually a model being built for someone in the shop, take a look at some of them below.

Note: Only one special condition exists: Our name must remain on the model somewhere (at your discretion) if you use any model for competition. You cannot buy a plane, helicopter or car from us and enter it into a contest as your project, or compete with it unless we receive mention as the builder. This policy is because this has happened to us in the past. I found a plane we built in a contest and it won 1st place in a static display. The owner stated he built it and took the trophy home. He was a LOSER! Our logo is very small, and the inside is labeled. We are more than happy to provide paint schemes, car body painting for our logos for no additional cost. It is very modest and does not distract from the model in any way. Most commonly it is a small logo cut from Monokote on the rudder, or a small airbrushed logo on a car body or sometines just some stickers.

We also assist challenged persons, and make substantial modeling gifts to children's charities. If you would like to know that one of your old models is bringing delight to a under privileged child, or some who have physical challenges, I would like to help, or show you how to. If you have always wanted to learn to build, drive or fly and you have special needs, let us help you reach your goal.

Getting Started

E-Mail RCS with your questions, you'll always get a response. No question is a bad question. Everyone starts somewhere!


2nd A main, 2nd & 3rd B main in the Motor Trend, Chrysler Viper Cup in Tustin CA 2 day event with over 50 entrants.

1st place sport flier static. Displaying a Ace models 4-120, with a Kavan lighting system, using an O.S.Max Surpass 120 4 stroke covered in silkspan. In a field of over 30 other planes.

1st place pattern static. Displaying a Hanno Prattner special built of fiberglass and plywood at the 1994 IMS show in Pasadena CA. Using a O.S. Max 60 RE with a tuned pipe, Rhobart pneumatic retracts, and Du-Bro smoke system.

Flier of the Year. In a regional event lasting 10 months, earned more points in all categories that any other flier in 1995.

1st place blind-timed flight. 1994 Mile-Square Park Fun Fly in Fountain Valley CA. Flying an event within a specific time period without the aid of a timer

1st place high speed taxi. 1994 Mile-Square Park Fun Fly in Fountain Valley CA. With an ordinary fun flier, exceeded all other contestants in a high speed pass where you weren't allowed to leave the ground! Clocked speed 122 with a O.S. 48 H engine.

1st place Concourse. At the El Cajon Speedway, displaying the Bruiser

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