The Team Associated RC 10

The RC 10 original car. In my opinion, the car that started it all. Yes there were others, and they were competitive. Like the Cox Scorpion and the Tamiya Rough Rider/Sand Scorcher, but none met the masses with a truly competitive, reliable and solidly built AMERICAN car. Notice the Dual Crossover front shocks and the extended travel from the front. Stock, this car has 2.0" of travel in the front, this car as equipped has 2.55" inches of travel. Novak micro receiver, RCD speed controller. All bearing, metal transmission gears, and a Pharma Monster Buggy motor. Heres a hint: to get color in plastic parts (Rims, A arms etc..) boil some dye in a pan, and drop in the part after removing it from the heat. Let stand longer for darker colors. Approx 10 min. soak time. Also my favorite body, the Bug.

Here's an open body shot, look closely and you'll see my custom double-crossover front suspension..

RC10 2

Heres my first race paint job. Simple but I'm proud of it. (they sure don't make bodies this thick any more!)

banner 2