The Midwest Raven Profile

The Raven is a profile version of the popular acrobatic performer named appropriately, "The Raven" This plane I just framed for a customer, ( I only charged him $75.00) so I don't have any opinions on its flight characteristics. I can tell you that for a profile, you have to build up the fuselage. Hmm, built up fuse, and they still call it a profile? Weird. They ought to call it the profile from hell. I didn't like the way you were supposed to skin the wings, ( having tried one of the wings exactly as the instructions stated, it left the top skin 1/4" short at the leading edge, making me fill a piece in of scrap. Lucky for my customer that I know how to fill & sand. Landing gear seems to be narrow to me, and the mounting of the fuel tanks is a real pain. Not a plane for those who have limited building experience, or those of you that are short on patience and creativity.

Raven Profile 1

Framing although tough to do, came out real strong.
Raven Profile 2

Doesn't that gear seem narrow to you? It did to me.

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