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Race Results

Here we will post the summaries and results of the races we attend.

RCS is participating in the 1999 Lot race tour of California sponsored by Hobby Shack

We will also be making appearances at selected other events through the summer

Viper Cup

The Viper Cup Tustin, CA.

Hobby Shack #1

March 20, 1999 Riverside CA.

We were rained out! It was promising to be a great race day! There were over 50 entrants, and 15 heat races scheduled. The very light mist rain started at about 8:00am and stopped quickly until about 11:00. 12 of the 15 heat 1 races were completed with guys turning laps in the 22 second range. Once it started raining, it was like 30 seconds to get a lap down. They called the event and raffled off the prizes. Thanks goes to the team for giving it a good effort.

Hobby Shack #2

April 18th, 1999 Fountain Valley CA.

The day began early as I met one of my customers and delivered him his new RS4 mini. It was evident that the guys in the Orange County area are serious racers. There were over 150 racers and cars there that day. There were 25 heat races, and we were racing in two classes, Mini 4wd and Sedan Expert. In the Mini class I finished 3rd, but could not make it to the start of the A Main, since I left the receiver batteries on after the last qualifier, and just decided not to stress out over it. In the Sedan Expert class, Jeff & Ian did well in the first qualifier, while I spun out at each turn trying way to hard to catch them. Like they say on the Hobby Shack Page, there were over 30 cars on the track during practice. WAY TOO MANY! So I just used the 1st round of qualifiers as practice. After finishing in the end of the lead pack, I adjusted the chassis height, and made some very minor adjustments. So Did Ian. During the 2nd qualifier, I ran away with it. I was hooked up good, and Ian, who made similar adjustments as I, was spinning now. Overall it was LONG, and difficult day of racing. Competition was tough, but everyone was real friendly. Results are: Jim 2nd place Jeff 5th place Ian 9th place

Hobby Shack #3

June 5th, 1999 Rancho Cucamonga CA.

A great day for racing! The Hobby Shack Expo '99 was a great experience and a long day of events. There were 26 heat races for several classes of racing. The BOLT racing team somehow ended up in all of the same races. In the first qualifier, Ian & Jeff did pretty good, each finishing in the top 5. I however was plagued by a poorly trimmed body that would hang up each time I got bumped. Guess what.. I got bumped a lot, thats what ya call racing! I managed to finish the heat, and not be last. In the pits, we had LOTS of time before the next race so we could do a little tuning. I cut & hacked away at the F-150 Pickup body, and swore to never use a truck body again. They are just too flexible and get turned up & under the chassis against the wheels. In the second round qualifier, I was much more competitive, after some chassis tuning. Ian and Jeff also did a little tuning since Jeff's motor is starting to show its age. After a little carb adjusting Jeff was back in it. As the announcer gave us the 2 minute warning I noticed that I had left my transmitter on (no one else had my channel that day) and my meter was in the red. I started it up, and put it on the track for a warm-up session. I only had about 10 feet of range!! I knew that I was out for the main event so I just relaxed and helped out the team. The Main was under way with everyone but me making the start. Jeff got out to a early lead but there were other faster cars out that were right behind. After 2 minutes, Jeff's air cleaner broke off in a tangle and he picked up the lost horsepower... oops, forgot to clean the filter! now he was fast again! Ian was still on the lead lap when his motor stalled. I got it restarted and it didn't want to run so Ian called it quits too. Jeff, still out there was 1 lap off the lead when the leader broke. Being right behind the new leader made it a race again. 30 seconds remaining, Jeff got in a bad crash that took the turn marshal awhile to get him straight again, letting the pack get by at the end. We enjoyed the day, met lots of good friends and made new ones and went home happy even if we didn't win.

Results: Jeff 3rd Ian 4th (DNF) Jim 5th (DNF)

HPI Viper Challenge

June 12 & 13 1999, Tustin CA.

HPI did it again, they hosted a full and exiting race program. Two full days of racing with 15 heat races in three rounds of qualifying. There were only three classes, so it was very interesting racing. You had some folks with completely built no-money-limit racers right alongside guys with "Box-Stock" (yeah sure Don) cars. HPI Made sure lots of guys got trophies since they awarded all the way down to the D-main. About the only down side to that is that some guys who actually got trophies had less laps, and slower times qualifying than the guys in the B-main. There were some spectator events, lots of prizes and a long two days of racing. Jim finished 3rd in two of his qualifiers, and 2nd in one and was the top qualifier in the B Main. During the warm-up session he crashed and broke the front suspension. Ian was 5th in his first qualifier, 4th in his second, and 2nd in his third round. The Main event was exiting because with some great assistance from Akiro from HPI, Ian's new Novarossi HPI was dialed in and he was having too much power! Jeff had some consistent runs, but with Ian's old engine, was having a tough time keeping it running. He had to be restarted several times.

Results: Ian 4th, Jeff 9th, Jim (DNS)

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