The Platius Turbo Porter

This kit comes from Altec Marketing, out of New Jersey. I chose this as a scale project for several reasons, mainly the commercial coverage this plane got from its commercials, and movie appearances. Highlighted in the opening scene of the James Bond Movie "Golden Eye", the scene features 007 free falling off a cliff into the plane which is heading straight down. The plane was also featured in a 1977 commercial for 7 Up, depicting a sky surfer. You can clearly see the plane in vertical descent right alongside the surfer. The Turbo Porter has one of the slowest vertical descent of any prop driven aircraft, and that's why I love it. Yes it's kind of ugly, but isn't it cute too? This one has a foam core wing, bottom bomb-drop hatch, finished interior, and flaperon mixing, thanks to the Futaba FP7UAF computer radio.

The Turbo Porter

The Turbo Porter
Heres a view of the front panel detailing.

The Nitro BLAST Turbo Porter available for airshors!
Here it is dressed up and ready to give free product from the hatch at the air shows!

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