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The Lite Machines 110

This little heli is just plain fun. I originally bought it so I could take a heli with me when I travel, and have since found this one to be really fun, and a great learning platform. I use this to teach people to fly. It's durable (tailboom strikes DO NOT MEAN DESTRUCTION!) I have even flopped it over on its side @ hover RPM and after flipping it back over, took off and flew without even having to restart the great Norvel engine. Its designed as a beginning H/C, but without an electronic Gyro, (it has a mechanical one) it is very easy for beginners to grasp the basics of H/C flight. It also does not have variable pitch mains, but again, its simple, fun, and it flies very well. One of the best attributes of this kit is the documentation, excellent manuals for construction, as well as beginning flight hints. Best I've seen in a long time.

Lite Machines 1

These were taken after I started flying it, notice there's no dings in the boom!
Air cooled, no fans!

Lite Machines 3

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