The HPI Nitro Mini 4 wheel drive

The HPI nitro Mini is a real hand full. this tight wheelbase, powerful little car requires an expert hand to keep under control. When driven by an accomplished racer, it is one of the most exiting forms of R/C racing around. it is becoming increasingly popular in parking lot races due to it's maneuverability and speed. It is virtually the same car as the HPI RS4, just with a smaller chassis, tires & wheels, and gearing. many of the parts for the RS4 are direct fit into this car, so it is a natural for a two speed transmission. Once at top speed, hang on as this little bastard is a real challenge.

Ian's HPI mini 1
I really like these colors, look at the skirting at the bottom of the body. Good Job.

Ian's HPI mini 2
Another view...

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