The Midwest Hots II

Heres one for those thrill seekers who like a challenge to build. This Midwest HotsII is just that, HOT! It calls for a 40 size motor, but if you know me, you know that MORE POWER is my motto! I put a OS Max 48H in this screamer, and boy oh boy is it a real dazzler. Inverted forever, (hence my call sign Invert), great vertical, endless loops, rolls, lumchavak's. I really like this plane, it is what started our formation group, Team Pesky With these buzzin the sky, we always drew a crowd. I'm sorry we have no formation photos, but I cant operate a camera AND take pictures...I like the red wing panels, they really light up under a sunny sky.

The Ace 4-40
Simple lines, but a real challenge to build the complex shapes ( if you want them to fit) and good luck getting YOUR motor in there.

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