The Midwest Giant Stick

It is what it says it is, a Giant Stick! If you know what the Ugly sticks are all about then you know that they are one of the best fun fly airplanes around. Versatile, and fun. OK, magnify that by 10 x and you have the Giant stick. Virtually identical in design, which sucks because it really needed some wing help. If you plan on carrying any load, you MUST beef up the wing joiners. This one is sporting a Quarda 60 (Machining done by R.C.S.) that moves it along very well. For a giant pig, this one flies very gracefully. Vertical performance is somewhat limited, but for its size, it uses a very small runway. Notice the very cool engine cowl, made from brushed aluminium, which was found in my wife's kitchen, it used to be one of her favorite pots, but the size was perfect to cover the engine and match the fuselage perfectly, so I guess I owe her a new pot. At least I have a teflon coated cowl!

Giant stick with ME!!!!!

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