The Great Planes F-14 Tomcat

If you have a soft place in your heart for Military jets, but just cant get into ducted fan, this is a great plane to get. With a O.S. 60, this plane feels like a jet, but has the short take-off roll that you need at most fields. While in flight, you don't notice the prop, so flyby's look great. Tinted canopy looks sweet. Lots of cockpit detail, but no picture :( I'm very impressed with the roll rate, and the ability to flat spin recover with ease. I tried to talk my customer into retracts. Think of how it would have looked then! There is also a ton of room in this plane. If you want lights, smoke (rear exit would be sweet), bomb/pilot drop or anything else you have plenty of room in the cavernous fuse. I also made a template for mounting a upper speed brake driven directly from a servo. It looks very cool on landing approach.


Tomcat 2
Isn't it great looking?

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