The Extra 260

Heres an ARF that I'm not embarrassed by. I did buy an ARF, and I do fly this plane like there's no tomorrow. There is something to be said about flying a plane you didn't spend 100 hours building, it's like I have no will to keep it alive, and that frees me up for more exiting flying. Along my normal lines, this kit is a 60-90 size, so I put in a O.S. Max 120 Surpass 4 stroke with pump in it. Unlimited vertical, excellent flight characteristics, and what a performer! This is a true extra, and it will do anything that the pilot is capable of. The pilot shown here is Max Headroom, with a screaming pose. Perfect for me with this plane. I call it the 10 minute air show, while I wring this plane out like a wet washcloth.. I love the unlimited knife edge, and this plane is actually capable of a Lomchavak, occasionally when I can manage to pull it off.

The Extra ARF

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