The Tamiya Bruiser

Radio Control Specialties is proud to show you our award winning Tamiya Bruiser. Using a Futaba UF7PFM radio, this three speed transmission, part time 4 wheel drive vehicle can go anywhere. Using a 12 volt Gel Cel battery, it has functioning headlights, tilt bed, and trailer. It can easily pull a sled to full pull with 30 lbs. It weighs 16 lbs. and has a Maubuchi RS750 motor rewound to 23 turns. The driver is Murdock from the A-Team. It recently was configured for 4-wheel steering, but that proved to be more uncontrollable than it was worth, so it was returned to its original chassis configuration

Bruiser 1
Here is the first shot, with the bed lowered down.

Bruiser 2

Heres a look with the bed tilted, as controlled from the transmitter. Notice the 250 amp speed controller, 10-25 amp MOSFET's, w/reverse. Leaf springs with oil filled shocks add to the realism.

Bruiser 3

Here's a view with the trailer, towing my HPI RS4 Street racer. The Trailer is an actual frame from another Bruiser. Tires, springs shocks & bumper on it!

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