The Ace 4-120

I won this kit, so I decided that I could experiment with it. This Ace kit is best described as a thinly sliced elephant. The plywood could have built a treehouse, and there was actually enough scrap wood to build a small hand tossed 2 channel glider (photo coming soon). This plane features a O.S. Max 1.20 Surpass 4-Stroke engine with fuel pump and on-board glow. Here it is swinging a 16x6 prop, it also features a Carbon Fiber gear struts, DuBro smoke system, Kavan Lighting system including strobes, NAV's, landing & rudder identification lights, Banner storage compartment & release system, 6 volt battery for the radio, high torque servos and an external fuel system to fill the 20 Oz. tank. Flying is fun but I prefer a little more excitement. This plane will do a lot of things but it wont flat spin, and when you get it moving, the ailerons feel weak. The wing loading is super light, just look at that massive wing. It is covered in silkspan (a weight mistake) and painted. It lends itself well for lights for several reasons, the leading edge is PVC pipe, so the wingtip lights fit perfectly into the end, and the wires ran down the inside to the LE into the fuselage. Reshaping the wingtips was easy and it looked real clean.

Ace 4-120 with me proud
I did win 1st place at the 1989 Weedwacker Aero Squadrons Annual Awards Banquet for sport aircraft. . I made this cool removable cabin that velcro'd on the wing. I'm not a real big fan or that ugly Ace pilot dude. It improved the speed of the plane and looked much more modern.
Shortly after that I ended up selling it away for $200.

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