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Hi, and welcome to our little part of Cyberspace! Here you'll find links of things we like about the WWW, as well as links to our friend's home pages. We also have some images and they are either taken with our Quick Cam , a Sony Digital Mavica Camera, or scanned using HP 5100C Scanner that we recently purchased. We have a few computers, a Compudyne 486/66 , a AST Pentium 166 , IBM Thinkpad 701CS. And the most recent unit a dual precessor 550 Mhz Screamer with 17 Gig HD. I got to give credit to Brad for the latest unit, he assisted ( basically did) in building it from the chassis up. There are many other peripherals, monitors and devices including a complete home network LAN. They make up "Mission Control", where you usually find Jim if he's not doing something else in his home away from home, "The Shop".

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In their Professions:

Fleet Manager at UCSD

Jim works in the Transportation and Parking Services Department at the University of California, San Diego . With a tenure of over 18 years, his current position is a result of continually moving forward within the UC system. Starting as a Sr. Parking Representative, issuing parking tickets and working the parking lots, he then became a Sr. Automotive Equipment Operator. Operating shuttle buses and vans. Getting involved in maintenance and repair, he worked as a driver and maintenance person. As the department continued to grow, and become larger, the duties of maintenance became more prevalent. Within 5 years, his experience qualified him to occupy the role of Garage Manager when the former manager accepted another position. Most recently his position has changed to the Vehicle Fleet and Technology Coordinator.Download,or View Jim's Resumé.

The Real Jim

Jim is very active in Radio Controlled Hobbies, and a champion RC Pilot and Car Driver. In 1993, Jim won R/C Flier of the year, earning more points at more contests than any one else in Southern California. He is currently flying an Extra-300, with an OS Max 1.20 4 stroke engine for contests and sport flying. In 1991, Jim set a new track record at the now closed Ranch Pit Shop in Del Mar, CA. in 10th scale electric off-road truck with his Associated RC-10 T, and now has recently raced in the 10th scale gas truck division using an Associated RC 10 GT powered by an OS MAX .12 CVX racing engine. He also is racing in the 4WD gas Sedan Touring Car class racing a HPI RS4 Nitro with an OS MAX 12CVX engine . Airplanes, Cars, Boats & Helicopters, they are all part of his main hobby. He also is the Owner/operator of Radio Control Specialties where anything and everything Radio Control has been built. You can see many of his works in the local hobby stores and at the local flying fields in the San Diego area on sale and in operation. Drop him some email if you would like information. In 1995 Jim has started to do some extreme Mountain Biking, replacing an older bike with a Specialized Rock Hopper Comp A1 FS , going to the ski resorts in the summer for some extreme downhilling keeps his adrenaline flowing. Jim has also learned to enjoy the arts. Music, live performances, art & history, you may see Jim & Julie cruising the museums of Balboa Park (thanks to Julie).

Jim and Julie are also avid water sports fans. Water skiing on Mission Bay, We are some of the locals that ski all year 'round, keeping out of the way of those crazy vacationers on their rental Jet Skis & Boats during the summer months, 'cause they're the ones who are the biggest hazards, not knowing how to act (editorial comment-- there should be operators licenses required for all Boaters & Jet Ski operators). The yearly visit of the San DiegoThunderboat Regatta is never missed, and as of lately, is viewed from the boat, with some of the best views available. Jim has taken a liking to fishing the local waters off San Diego, looking for that elusive 20 pound Yellow Fin Tuna. Being members of the Zoological Society of San Diego, they really love the outdoors. Camping, and travel also top the list, and keep the calendar full. Julie has been rambling something about a baby when she can convince Jim that he's ready. The latest news is that they will be expecting by 2000!

Research Biochemist at Stratagene

Julie is a Biologist with a Masters Degree from San Diego State University. She did her undergraduate work at UCSD, where she met Jim. While in her 3rd year, she studied at the University of Lund, Sweden. Enjoying many of the wonderful places in her home abroad. After graduating, she worked in the quality control department of a pharmaceutical company for over a year before returning back to school. At SDSU, while working in a lab she completed her Masters Degree and was published in multiple research papers. Find many of them at theJournal of Biological Chemistry Currently she is working at Stratagene In the process improvement department. Making many new friends, and perfecting techniques in a challenging job.

The Real Julie

Julie is a top-notch cook, and is very crafty at home. If she's not Rollerblading, power-walking or going to her aerobic class you may find her cross-stitching your next Christmas gift! She's taking a real active role in the house renovation, and will soon have 4 new rooms, and two new baths to decorate. Liking NASCAR racing her favorite driver isJeff Gordon , driving the #24 DuPont Chevrolet Monte Carlo. Julie has learned to appreciate many new sporting activities and try many new things (thanks to Jim) Her loving cats, Aysha, Seva, & Stimpy are just another outlet of her abundance of warmth & kindness. It's a wonder she has any free time at all, but somehow she manages to make everyone feel like she has time for them.

If you have any questions or comments you can E-mail Jim at home, Jim at work, or Julie at Stratagene.

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