Hidden Heritage

"Grandson, these words come from our people. If you can hear their voice, you will find your own. If they speak together, they speak the truth. In that truth, you will experience the pain of knowing and the joy of being. You will understand that the events of the past are what brought you here. Native blood flows through you and through many who don't know who they are. Listen, and you will hear the names of our ancestors..."

"I see the faces of my people and I hear their names in the Wind. Their years were short but our memory is long. The drums tell the old forgotten story...

"In the story books we have seen the villages with smoke curling upward from the lodges. They are peaceful in the setting of the sun. But the shadows hide a sorrow that we share. We must rise above it like dawn mist on the water...

"Rest beside the water and our ancestors flow like many streams to make a mighty river. See their spirits in the looking glass. You have seen their Spirit forever...

"You belong to the nation of our ancestors, a nation among many nations. Now we are strong because we are one."

from "'Spirit', a journey in dance drums and song"
Conceived and composed by Peter Buffet
c.1998 Back Row Productions
c.1999 PolyGram Video

"Hidden Heritage is about the fact that there are millions and millions of people in America who are of some Native descent. And unfortunately, a huge percentage of those millions aren't even aware of it. There was a time in this country when it wasn't a good idea -- from the people in that generation's point of view -- to press upon their children the fact that Grandma was Indian. I know a lot of these people, and they have yearnings for things that they don't understand. They have a love for nature, a love for the natural order of things that probably is a little more intense than the average person. And a lot of times, they don't understand why that's true either."

Chief Hawk Pope, Shawnee Ohio Remnant Band
"The Making Of 'Spirit'"

A list of all known Native American Peoples, present and past...

( more than 500 groups of Native Peoples )

From the refrain of a Comanche Ghost Dance song...

"We shall live again; we shall live again."

Abenaki -- Maine, Quebec
Abitibi -- Quebec
Abnaki (Wabanaki)
Achomawi -- California
Acolapissa -- Louisiana, Mississippi
Acoma Pueblo -- New Mexico
Acuera -- Florida
Adena (Hopewell) -- Ohio
Adia -- Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana
Ahtna (Athabascan) -- Alaska
Ais -- Florida
Ak-Chin -- Arizona
Akokisa -- Texas
Alabama -- Alabama
Alabama & Koasati -- Texas
Aleut -- Alaska
Algonkin (Algonquin) -- Ontario, Quebec
Altamaha -- Georgia
Amherst -- Virginia
Anangulan -- Aleutian Islands
Anasazi -- Arizona/New Mexico
Anishinabe Ojibwa
Apache -- New Mexico, Texas
Apalachee -- Alabama, Georgia, Florida
Apalachicola -- Alabama, Georgia
Apinaye -- Brazil
Aquacalaquen -- Georgia, Florida
Arapaho -- Colorado, Nebraska, Colorado
Araucanian -- Argentina
Arawak -- San Salvadore (Bahama)
Archlake people -- New Mexico (9,000 BC)
Arikara -- South Dakota
Assiniboin -- Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Saskatchewan, Manitoba
Atakapa -- Texas, Louisiana
Athabascan -- Alaska
Atsina -- Saskatchewan
Atsina Gros Ventre -- Montana, Saskatchewan
Aucilla River people -- Florida (12,000 BC)
Avoyel -- Arkansas, Louisiana
Aymara -- Chile
Aztec -- Mexico
Baffinland Eskimo -- Arctic
Bannock -- Idaho, Montana, Wyoming
Baniva -- Venezuela
Bayogoula -- Louisiana
Bear River -- North Carolina
Beaver -- Alberta (sub-arctic)
Belo Horizonte people -- Brazil (11,500 BC)
Beothuk -- Nova Scotia
Bering Straits People (Inupiat) -- Alaska
Bidai -- Texas
Biloxi (Siouan) -- Mississippi, Alabama
Blackfoot (Siksika) -- Montana, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan
Bristol Bay Yuit -- Alaska
Bonito Pueblo
Bororo -- Brazil
Brotherton (Brothertown) -- New York/New Jersey, Wisconsin
Browns -- Virginia
Brule Sioux
Cactus Hill people -- Virginia (16,000 BC)
Caddo (Kadohadacho) -- Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana
Caddoan confederacies -- Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana
Cagaba -- Columbia
Cahokia -- Illinois
Cahuilla -- California
Calusa -- Florida
Canarsee -- New York
Cape Fear Indians -- North Carolina
Caribou Eskimo -- Arctic
Carrier -- sub-Arctic
Casas Grandes (Paquime) -- Mexico (AD 1060 to 1340)
Catawba (Katapu) -- Norht Carolina, South Carlina
Cayuga (Iroquois Five/Six Nations) -- New York, Pennsylvania
Cayuse -- Oregon, Idaho
Central Aleut -- Alaska
Central Algonkin
Chaco -- South America
Chakchiuma -- Mississippi
Chancay -- Peru
Chatot -- Alabama, Georgia, Florida
Chavin -- South America
Chawasha -- Louisiana
Cheraw (Sara) -- North Carolina
Cherokee -- Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia
Chesapeake -- Virginia, North Carolina
Chetco -- Oregon, California
Cheyenne -- Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas
Chiaha -- Georgia
Chibcha -- Colombia
Chickahominy -- Virgina
Chickasaw -- Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama
Chilcotin -- British Columbia
Chilkat -- Northwest Coast
Chillicote (Calaka), a Shawnee division or tribe -- Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee
Chimu -- Peru
Chinook -- Oregon, Washington
Chipewyan -- Manitoba (sub-Arctic)
Chippewa -- Michigan Upper Peninsula/Eastern Woodlands
Chiricahua Apache -- Arizona/New Mexico
Chitimacha -- Louisiana
Choctaw -- Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana
Choctaw-Biloxi -- Louisiana
Choptank -- Maryland/Delaware
Chowanoc -- North Carolina
Chugach (Yuit) -- Alaska
Chungichnich -- California
Chumash -- California
Clovis people -- New Mexico, Texas (11,500 BC)
Coahuiltecan Tribes -- Texas, Mexico
Coast Salish -- Northwest Coast
Cochiti Pueblo -- New Mexico
Coe -- Kentucky
Coeur d'Alene -- Idaho/Montana
Coharie -- North Carolina
Colville -- Washington/Idaho/Montana
Comanche -- New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma
Congaree -- South Carolina
Conoy (Piscataway) -- Maryland
Coos -- Oregon
Copper Eskimo -- Arctic
Coree -- North Carolina
Costanoan -- California
Cree -- Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec (sub-Arctic)
Cree Plains -- Saskatchewan, Manitoba
Creek -- Kentucky, Tennesse, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia
Crow -- Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota
Cusabo -- South Carolina
Dakalne (Carrier) -- Northwest Coast
Dakota (Sioux) -- North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa
Delaware (Leni-Lenape): Esopus, Rockaway, Canarsee, Minisinks (Munsee), Unami, Raritans -- Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey
Dogrib -- sub-Arctic
Dokis -- Ontario
Dorset people -- Alaska
Dunne-Za (Beaver) -- Alberta
Dwamish -- Washington
Eastern Abenaki -- New Hampshire, Maine
Eastern Aleut -- Alaska
Edisto -- South Carolina
Eel Rivers -- Indiana/Ohio
Eno-Shakori -- North Carolina
Erie -- Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia
Eyeish -- Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana Eastern Cherokee -- North Carolina
Eastern Niantic -- Rhode Island
Eastern Ojibwa -- Ontario
Eastern Shawnee -- Oklahoma
Eastern Shoshone -- Idaho/Wyoming/Montana
Esopus -- New York/New Jersey
Eyak (Athabascan) -- Alaska/Northwest Coast
Flathead (Salish) -- Idaho, Montana
Fort Ancient people -- Ohio (AD 900 to 1600)
Fox (Mesquakie) -- Wisconsin
Freshwater Indians -- Florida
Gabrielino -- California
Galisteo Pueblo -- New Mexico
Gitksan -- Northwest Coast
Golden Lake -- Ontario
Greenland Eskimo
Grigra -- Mississippi
Gros Ventre
Guacata -- Florida
Guale -- South Carolina, Georgia
Guales -- Florida
Gwich'in (Kutchin)
Haida -- Alaska/Northwest Coast
Haliwa -- Virginia, North Carolina
Han (Athabascan) -- Alaska
Hano Pueblo (Hopi) -- Arizona
Hare -- Arctic
Hasinai confederacy: Anadarko, Hainai -- Texas, Louisiana
Hatteras -- North Carolina
Havasupai -- Grand Canyon
Heiltsuk -- Northwest Coast
Hidatsa -- Montana, North Dakota
Hitchiti -- Georgia, Florida
Hochelaga -- Quebec
Hohokam -- Arizona/Mexico
Holikachuk (Athabascan) -- Alaska
Hopewell -- Illinois/Ohio
Hopi -- Arizona, New Mexico
Houma -- Louisiana, Mississippi
Huichol -- Mexico
Huitoto -- Amazon
Hunkpapa Sioux
Hupa -- California
Huron -- Ontario
Huron of Lorette -- Quebec
Ibitoupa -- Mississippi
Icafui -- Georgia
Illini (Illinois) -- Illinois
Inca -- Peru
Ingalik (Athabascan) -- Alaska (sub-Arctic)
Iglulik -- Arctic
Inupiat -- Alaska
Iowa -- Iowa, Missouri
Iroquois (Five Nations): Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca -- New York
Iroquois (League of Six Nations): Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca, Tuscarora
Iroquois League (Haudenosaunee - People of the Longhouse) -- New York
Isleta Pueblo -- New Mexico
Jeaga -- Florida
Jemez Pueblo -- New Mexico
Jicarilla Apache -- New Mexico
Jivaro -- Amazon/Ecuador
Jumano -- Texas, Mexico
Kadohadacho (Caddo) -- Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana
Kaigani Haida -- Alaska
Kalispel -- Idaho/Montana
Kamakan -- Brazil
Kansa -- Nebraska, Kansas
Karankawa -- Texas
Karok -- California
Kaska -- sub-Arctic
Kaskaskia -- Illinois/Indiana/Ohio
Kaskinampo -- Kentucky, Tennesse
Kaw (Kansas) -- Oklahoma
Kennewick people -- Washington (7,500 BC)
Keyauwee -- North Carolina
Kiowa -- Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado
Kiowa-Apache -- Texas, Oklahoma
Kickapoo -- Wisconsin, Kansas, Oklahoma
Kispokotha (Kispogogi, Kispoko), a Shawnee division or tribe -- Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee
Kitksan -- Northwest Coast
Klamath -- California/Oregon
Koasati (Coushatta) -- Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana
Koniag (Yuit) -- Alaska
Koroa -- Mississippi
Kotzebue Sound People (Inupiat) -- Alaska
Koyukon (Athabascan) -- Alaska
Kuksu -- California
Kumeyaay -- California
Kutchin (Athabascan) -- Alaska (sub-Arctic)
Kutenai -- British Columbia/Alberta
Kwakiutl -- British Columbia, Northwest Coast
Kwakiutl Kusiut -- British Columbia
Labrador Eskimo
Laguna Pueblo -- New Mexico
Lakota (Sioux/Dakota)
Lenni Lenape (Delaware) -- Pennsylvania/New Jersey, Indiana/Ohio
Lipan -- Oklahoma
Lipan Apache -- Mexico
Lower Chickahominy -- Virgina
Lower Creek -- Georgia
Lower Connecticut River Tribes (Mattabesec): Tunxis, Podunk, Wangunk, Quinnipiac -- Connecticut
Lower Housatonic River Tribes (Paugussett): Paugussett, Pequannock, Potatuck, Weantinock (Wawyachtonok) -- Connecticut
Lower Hudson River Tribes (Wappinger) -- Delaware/New York
Lumbee -- North Carolina
Machapunga -- North Carolina
Machican -- Vermont
Makostrake (Mequachake, Mekoche), a Shawnee division or tribe -- Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee
Mahican -- New York, Vermont
Maidu -- California, Nevada
Maipure -- Venezuela
Makah -- Northwest Coast
Malecite (Maliseet) -- Maine, New Brunswick
Mandan -- Montana, North Dakota
Manahoac -- West Virginia, Virginia
Maniwaki -- Quebec
Manouane -- Quebec
Mapuche -- Chile
Mascouten -- Wisconsin, Illinois
Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation -- Connecticut
Massachusett -- New Hampshire, Massachusetts
Mattagami -- Quebec
Mattaponi -- Virginia
Maya -- Central America
Meadowcroft Rockshelter people -- Pittsburgh, PA (17,000 BC)
Meherrin -- Virginia
Melungeons -- Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia
Menomini (Menominee) -- Wisconsin, Michigan
Mescalero Apache -- New Mexico
Mesquakie (Fox) -- Iowa
Metis -- Manitoba
Miami -- Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Oklahoma
Michigamea -- Illinois
Michipicoten -- Ontario
Miccosukee -- Southern Florida
Mikasuki -- Georgia, Florida
Micmac -- New Brunswick, Nova Scotia (sub-Arctic)
Mimbreno Apache
Mimbres people (Mogollon) -- Arizona/New Mexico
Mingo -- Ohio
Miniconjou Sioux
Minisinks (Munsee) -- New York/New Jersey
Mishongnovi Pueblo (Hopi) -- Arizona
Mississauga (Southeastern Ojibwa) -- Ontario
Mississippian (Moundbuilders) -- the Southeast
Missouri -- Missouri, Oklahoma
Miwok -- California
Mixtec -- Mexico (800 BC to AD 1500)
Mobile -- Mississippi, Alabama
Mochica -- South America
Mococo -- Florida
Modok -- California
Mogollon -- Arizona/New Mexico
Mohawk (Iroquois Five/Six Nations) -- New York
Mohegan -- Connecticut/Rhode Island
Mohican (Mahican) -- New York
Moingwena -- Missouri/Illinois
Mojave -- California, Arizona
Monacan -- Virginia
Moneton -- West Virginia
Montagnais (Innu) -- Quebec (sub-Arctic)
Monte Verde people -- Chile (12,500 BC)
Montauk ("Metoac") -- Long Island (New York)
Mosopelea -- Ohio
Motilone -- Venezuela
Muklasa -- Alabama, Georgia
Munsee -- New Jersey, Kansas
Muskogee (Creek) -- Alabama, Georgia
Na-Dene -- Alaska
Nahyssan -- Virginia, West Virginia
Nakota (Middle Sioux)
Nambe Pueblo -- New Mexico
Nansemond -- Virginia
Nanticoke -- Maryland, Delaware
Napochi -- Mississippi, Alabama
Narraganset -- Rhode Island/Connecticut
Naskapi -- Quebec (sub-Arctic)
Natchez -- Louisiana, Mississppi
Natchitoches -- Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana
Nauset -- Massachusetts
Navajo -- Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado
Nazca -- Peru
Nespelem -- Washington
Netsilik -- Arctic
Neusiok -- North Carolina
Neutral -- Ontario
Nez Perce -- Idaho, Montana
Niantic -- Connecticut/Rhode Island
Nipigon -- Ontario
Nipissing -- Ontario
Nipmuc (Nipmuck) -- Massachusetts
Nisga'a -- British Columbia
Nootka -- British Columbia, Washington
North Carolina Algonkians
Northern Blackfoot
Northern Cheyenne -- Wyoming
Northern Paiute -- Nevada/Oregon/Idaho
Northern Tlingit -- Alaska
Norton people -- Alaska
Nottoway -- Virginia
Nunamiut (Inupiat) -- Alaska
Nunivak Island Yuit -- Alaska
Nuu-Chal-Nuth (Nootka) -- Northwest Coast
Nuxalk (Bella Coola) -- Northwest Coast
Oaxacan -- Mexico (Mixtecan and Zapetc, 800 BC to AD 1500)
Ocala -- Florida
Ocale -- Florida
Occaneechi -- Virginia, North Carolina
Oconee -- Georgia, South Carolina
Ofo (Siouan) -- Mississippi
Oglala Sioux -- South Dakota
Ojibwa (Chippewa, Saulteaux) -- Ontario, Minnesota, sub-Arctic
Okeechobee -- Florida
Oklelousa -- Arkansas, Louisiana
Olmec -- Mexico
Okmulgee -- Georgia
Omaha -- Nebraska, Iowa
Ona -- Tierra del Fuego
Oneida (Iroquois Five/Six Nations) -- Pennsylvania, New York
Onondaga (Iroquois Five/Six Nations) -- Pennsylvania, New York
Opelousa -- Arkansas, Louisiana
Oraibi Pueblo (Hopi) -- Arizona
Osage -- Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas
Osochi -- Georgia, Florida
Oto -- Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma
Otomi -- Sierra Madre Oriental
Ottawa (Ottowa) -- Ontario, Oklahoma
Overhill Band of the Eastern Cherokee -- Ohio and many other states
Pacific Eskimo -- Northwest Coast
Paiute -- California, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho
Palouse -- Washington, Idaho
Pamlico -- North Carolina
Pamunkey -- Virginia
Papago (Tohono O'odham) -- Arizona, Mexico
Paquime -- northern Mexico (AD 1000 to 1400)
Paracas -- South America
Pascagoula -- Mississippi, Alabama, Florida
Passamaquoddy -- Maine, Nova Scotia
Patagonia -- Argentina (8,500 BC)
Patuxet -- Massachusetts
Paugussett -- Connecticut
Pawnee -- Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma
Pecos Pueblo -- New Mexico
Pedee -- South Carolina

Pennacook (Pawtucket) -- New Hampshire
Penobscot -- Maine
Pensacola -- Alabama, Florida
Peoria -- Missouri, Illinois, Oklahoma
Pequannock -- Connecticut
Pequot -- Connecticut, Rhode Island
Person -- Virginia, North Carolina
Petun (Tobacco Nation, Tionontati) -- Ontario
Piankashaw -- Indiana/Ohio
Picuris Pueblo -- New Mexico
Pima -- Arizona, Mexico
Piqua or Pickaway (Pekowi), a Shawnee division or tribe -- Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee
Piscataway (Conoy) -- Maryland/Pennsylvania
Plains Apache
Plains Calumet
Plains Cree
Plains Ojibwa
Pocumtuc (Pocomtuc, Pocumtuck) -- Massachusetts
Podunk -- Connecticut
Pohoy -- Florida
Pojoaque Pueblo -- New Mexico
Pokanoke - Massachusetts/Rhode Island
Polar Eskimo
Pomo -- California
Ponca -- South Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma
Poosepatuck ("Metoac") -- Long Island (New York)
Potano -- Florida
Potatuck -- Connecticut
Potawatomi -- Indiana, Michigan, Oklahoma
Potomac -- Virginia
Powhatan -- Virginia, North Carolina
Pueblos -- New Mexico
Quapaw -- Arkansas, Oklahoma
Quebec Inuit -- Arctic
Queen Charlotte Islands people -- Canada (9,500 BC) Quimbaya -- Columbia
Quinapissa -- Louisiana
Quinnipiac -- Connecticut
Rappahannock -- Virginia
Raritan -- New York
Raritan-Delaware -- New Jersey, Wisconsin
Rio Grande Pueblos -- New Mexico
Roanoke -- North Carolina
Rockaway -- New York/New Jersey
Rosebud Sioux
Salinan -- California
Salish -- Idaho/Montana
Salishan Tribes -- British Columbia/Washington
Saluda (Algonkian) -- South Carolina
San Felipe Pueblo -- New Mexico
San Ildefonso Pueblo -- New Mexico
San Juan Pueblo -- New Mexico
Sandia Pueblo -- New Mexico
Santa Ana Pueblo -- New Mexico
Santa Clara Pueblo -- New Mexico
Santee -- South Carolina
Santee Sioux (Dakota) -- Minnesota/Wisconsin
Santo Domingo Pueblo -- New Mexico
Saponi -- Virginia, West Virginia
Saturiwa -- Georgia, Florida
Sauk (Sac) -- Wisconsin
Sauk and Fox -- Indiana, Ohio, Oklahoma
Sawekela or Hathawakela (Thawikila), a Shawnee division or tribe -- Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee
Sawokli -- Alabama, Georgia
Scaticook -- Connecticut
Seavey -- Alberta
Secotan -- North Carolina
Sekani -- Northwest Coast (sub-Arctic)
Seminole -- Florida, Oklahoma
Seneca (Iroquois Five/Six Nations) -- New York, Pennsylvania
Seneca-Cayuga -- Oklahoma Seri -- Sonora
Serrano -- California, Nevada, Arizona
Sewee -- South Carolina
Shasta -- Oregon, California
Shawano (Satanas, now exinct), a Shawnee division or tribe -- Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee
Shawnee divisions or component parts, possibly originally separate tribes: Chillicote (Calaka), Kispokotha (Kispogogi, Kispoko), Piqua or Pickaway (Pekowi), Sawekela or Hathawakela (Thawikila), Makostrake (Mequachake, Mekoche), Shawano (Satanas, now extinct) -- Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Oklahoma
Shawnee Nation Ohio Remnant Band -- Ohio
Shichomovi Pueblo (Hopi) -- Arizona
Shinnecock ("Metoac") -- Long Island (New York)
Shipaulovi Pueblo (Hopi) -- Arizona
Shoccoree -- Virginia, North Carolina
Shongopovi Pueblo (Hopi) -- Arizona
Shoshone -- Calfornia, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, Utah
Shuswap -- British Columbia
Sioux (Dakota) -- North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa
Sissipahaw -- North Carolina
Siuslaw -- Oregon
Slave -- sub-Arctic
Southeastern Ojibwa (Mississauga) -- Ontario
Southern Cheyenne -- Colorado/Kansas
Southern Ojibwa (Chippewa) -- Minnesota, Wisconsin
Southern Tlingit -- Alaska
Spokan -- Washington
St. Lawrence Island Yuit -- Alaska
Stockbridge -- New York
Stockbridge-Munsee -- Wisconsin
Stono -- South Carolina
Sugeree -- North Carolina
Suma -- New Mexico, Mexico
Summerville -- South Carolina
Surruque -- Florida
Susquehannock (Conestoga, Susquahanna) -- Pennsylvania
Sutaio -- South Dakota
Tacatacuru -- Georgia, Florida
Taensa (Natchez) -- Mississippi
Tahltan -- Northwest Coast (sub-Arctic)
Tagish -- Northwest Coast
Taino (Arawak) -- Cuba/Hispaniola
Tali -- Alabama, Georgia
Tamaroa -- Illinois
Tamathli -- Georgia
Tanacross (Athabascan) -- Alaska
Tanaina/Tanana (Athabascan) -- Alaska (sub-Arctic)
Tangipahoa -- Louisiana
Taos Pueblo -- New Mexico
Taposa -- Mississippi
Tarahumare -- Mexico
Tarascan -- Mexico
Tareumiut (Inupiat) -- Alaska
Tekesta -- Florida
Tepehuan -- Sierra Madre Occidental
Tesuque Pueblo -- New Mexico
Tete de Boule -- Quebec
Teton Sioux (Lakota)
Tewa Pueblo
Three Affiliated Tribes of the Fort Berthold Reservation (Hidatsa, Mandan, Arikara)
Thule Eskimo
Tiahuanaco -- Bolivia
Tierra Del Fuego -- Argentina (6,300 BC)
Tillamook -- Northwest Coast
Timagami -- Quebec
Timiskaming -- Quebec
Timucua (Utina) -- Florida
Tiou -- Mississippi
Tipai -- California, Mexico
Tiwa Pueblo -- New Mexico
Tlingit -- Alaska/Northwest Coast
Tobacco Huron -- Ontario
Tocobaga -- Florida
Tohome -- Mississippi, Alabama
Tohono O'odham (Papago) -- Arizona/Mexico
Tolowa -- California
Tonkawa -- Texas, Oklahoma
Tsimshian -- Northwest Coast
Tulalip -- Northwest Coast
Tunica -- Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi
Tunxis -- Connecticut
Tuscarora (Iroquois Six Nations) -- Virginia, North Carolina
Tuskegee -- Alabama, Georgia
Tutchone -- Arctic
Tutelo -- West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina
Tzotzil -- Chiapas (Mexico)
Unami -- New Jersey, Pennsylvania
Uneqkurmuit (Yuit) -- Alaska
Upper Chickahominy -- Virgina
Upper Creek -- Tennessee, Alabama
Upper Kuskokwim (Athabascan) -- Alaska
Upper Tanana (Athabascan) -- Alaska
Urrdaracoxi -- Florida
Ute -- Utah, Colorado
Utina -- Florida
Uto-Aztecan tribes -- Northern Mexico
Vicus -- South America
Waccamaw -- North Carolina, South Carolina
Wacissa River people -- Florida (12,000 BC)
Waco -- Texas
Walla Walla -- Oregon
Walpi Pueblo (Hopi) -- Arizona
Wampanoag (Pokanoket) Confederacy -- Massachusetts
Wangunk -- Connecticut
Wappinger -- New York/Massuchusetts/Connecticut
Warm Springs Apache
Washa -- Louisiana
Washo -- California, Nevada
Wateree -- South Carolina
Waxhaw -- North Carolina, South Carolina
Wea -- Indiana/Ohio
Weantinock (Wawyachtonok) -- Connecticut
Weapemeoc -- North Carolina
Wenro -- Ontario
West Main Cree -- Ontario
Western Abenaki -- Vermont, Quebec
Western Aleut -- Alaska
Western Apache -- Arizona
Western Cherokee-- Oklahoma and other states
Western Niantic -- Connecticut
Western Pueblos -- Arizona/New Mexico
Western Woods Cree -- Alberta/Saskatchewan
White Mountain Apache
Wichita -- Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas
Winnebago -- Wisconsin
Winyaw -- North Carolina, South Carolina
Wisconsin Oneida
Wishram -- Oregon
Wiyot -- California
Woccon -- North Carolina
Wyandot -- Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Oklahoma
Yadkin -- North Carolina
Yaghan -- Tierra del Fuego
Yahi -- California
Yakima -- Washington
Yakutat Tlingit -- Alaska
Yamasee -- Florida, Georgia, South Carolina
Yankton Sioux -- North/South Dakota
Yanktonai Sioux -- North/South Dakota
Yapparika Comanche
Yaqui -- Arizona
Yaquina -- Oregon
Yazoo -- Mississippi
Yellowknife -- Arctic
Yokuts -- California
Yuchi -- Tennesse, South Carolina, Georgia, Oklahoma
Yui -- Georgia
Yuit -- Alaska
Yuki -- California
Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta Yuit -- Alaska
Yuma -- California, Arizona
Yuman Mojave
Yurok -- California
Yustaga -- Florida
Zapotec -- Mexico (800 BC to AD 1500)
Zia Pueblo -- New Mexico
Zuni -- Arizona, New Mexico
Zuni Pueblo -- New Mexico

Indian Reservations

Fort Belnap Indian Reservation (Montana: )
Gila River Indian Community (Arizona: Ak-Chin)

( more than 500 groups of Native Peoples )

From the refrain of a Comanche Ghost Dance song...

"We shall live again; we shall live again."