What's New
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These are what's new in these web pages and also some of the latest tips and leads that we have unearthed or that our correspondents have put us on to.

* 2/16/01 We have put up the records of the estate sale of Gilson Oliver, 1835. During this estate sale William Liles bought a large bell.

* 11/01/00 Marianne and Bryan Lyles have just returned from another trip to Oconee County. Over the next few months we will be putting up a significant amount of new material, including: Oconee deed indexes for Lyles, Vissage and Fowler, additional deeds, some new photographs, additional material from the probate of Joseph Liles Senior, and the record of the 1835 estate sale of Jilson Oliver where one William Liles purchases a large bell.

* 07/01/00 Moved web pages over to Earthlink account.

* 05/01/00 Updates made to the Joseph Liles Junior page, and addition of material on Mary Louisa Brown Lyles.

* 04/30/00 The family of Jim Lyles regrets to announce that Jim passed away suddenly on 04/20/00.   J. Bryan Lyles and Marianne Lyles will continue to maintain and expand these pages.   Bryan's email is jbl2403 at earthlink.net.  Marianne's email is reezy at hevanet.com.

* 04/30/00 The Hugh Isham Liles page that Jim was working on at the time of his death is now up.

* 04/18/00. We have corrected our transcription of Deborah Lyles' probate.

* 04/13/00. We've added lots of material about the children of Wesley and Jane.

* 04/12/00. The Wesley Lyles family page is now up. 

* 03/19/00. The Fowler family page, which was much outdated, has been updated.

* 03/12/00. We're modifying the look of the family chart on page 2 of the William A. Lyles pages.

* 03/11/00. A roster of the Company C, 2nd SC Rifles is now up together with the roster of Company F, 1st SC Rifles. At least 5 Lyleses and 2 Fowlers were in Company C.

* 03/06/00. The Hopewell Class Books are now complete through 1867.

* 02/25/00. The Hopewell Class Books now go through the year 1865.

* 02/20/00. We have put up the Unity Baptist Church membership lists, 1888 to 1904.

* 02/10/00. The Hopewell Class Books are now complete through 1863.

* 02/08/00. We have added an unsigned memorial tribute to James Robert Lyles (Sr.), probably written for the Darlington Press.

* 02/04/00. The 2nd part of the Hopewell Class Books, starting with 1860, is now up.

* 01/31/00. The 1st part of the Hopewell Church Class Books, 1857-59, is now up.

* 01/26/00 The Hopewell Church Journal, 1865-66, is now complete.

* 01/23/00. The first installment of the Journal of Hopewell Church is now up.

* 01/17/00. A new page is up--The Lyles Family Home at Mountain Rest.

* 01/04/00. A photo of Aunt T, Tenetta Davis Lyles (1890-1918), is now up.