Plat of Thomas Hughes, 1854
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South Carolina

Pursuant to a warrant from W. L. Keith Commissioner of Locations for the District of Pickens dated the 1st day of March 1854 I have admeasured and laid out unto Thos. J. Hughes a tract of Land containing 244 acres situate in the said District on branches of Choestoe Creek of Tugaloo River Supposed to have been granted but not Known to whom it is now held by deeds and a new grant is wanted bounded by a Line turning S.E. by Visages Land and by Lines S.W. by E. Hughes land and hath such form and marks as the above plat represents. Surveyed 20 day of March 1854.

E.R. Doyle Dept Survy

Recorded the 31st day of March 1854 in the comm of Locations office and examined by W.L. Keith C.C.&C.L.P.D.