William A. Lyles' Army Discharge

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There are two documents in the National Archives about William Albert Lyles' discharge from Confederate service--a letter by an army surgeon describing William Albert's medical disability and a letter signed by his company captain certifiying his discharge from service. Below are a photocopy of Captain Tribble's letter and then my typescripts of both documents.


Surgeon's Certificate

I certify that I have carefully examined the said Wm A. Lyles of Captain Tribbles Company (E) and find him incapable of performing the duties of a soldier because of Phthisis Pulmonatis.

I believe him not fit for duty in any Department of the Government.

F.F. Gary Surgeon

Discharged this 24th day of September 1863 at Charleston SC.

T.B. Roberts

Col commanding the [illegible]

Army of the Confederate States
Certificate of Discharge for Disability


Private Wm. A. Lyles of Capt. R.O. Tribble's Com. (E) of the 1st Regt. of State Troops was enlisted by T.B. Roberts Col. of the 1st Regt. of State Troops at Pickens C.H. on the first day of August 1863 to serve for six (6) months. He was born in Abbeville District in the State of South Carolina, is fifty years of age, five feet seven inches high, dark complexion, dark eyes, black hair, and by occupation when enlisted a Farmer.

Station Charleston
Date 24th Sept. 1863


R.O. Tribble Capt
Commanding Com. (E)