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Robert Martin Lyles joined Company F of Orr's 1st South Carolina Regiment of Rifles on July 20, 1861. He signed up at Camp Pickens, S.C., for three years service or the duration of the war, along with two other Lyleses--James M. Lyles and John W. Lyles, certainly kin, though we don't yet know exactly how. The company roster published in the Keowee Courier for August 10, 1961, also included James J. Vissage, a cousin. Robert's younger brother Obediah joined later, on March 15, 1862.

Orr's Regiment was part of A.P. Hill's division, which saw ferocious action during the Battle of the Seven Days from June 25 to July 1, 1862. Robert Lyles survived the Seven Days, but his brother Obediah died shortly following the fighting, on July 12 or 13.

The Second Battle of Manassas, the next big engagement, was fought only a few weeks later from August 28 to 30 or 31, 1862. Robert Lyles died in this fighting. (See the document at the left from the Confederate archives.)

One field report copied into the Confederate archives says that Robert Lyles was missing after a fight at Ox Hill, Virginia, on Sept. 1, 1862. But the official date of his death, as decided by the Confederate Treasury, was August 31, 1862. His unpaid service earnings of $119 went to his father.

Robt. A.[sic] Liles
Pvt Orr 1 Regt.Rif Vols SC
Name appears on a Register
of Claims of Deceased Officers and Soldiers from South Carolina which were filed for settlement in the Office of the Confederate States Auditor for the War Department.
By whom presented Wm Liles Father
When filed June 22, 1863
Where died 2nd Battle Manassas, Va.
Number of settlements--Certificates 15217
Amount found due $119.00
Remarks Address Wm A. Liles. Care W.S. Grisham
Walhalla, So. Car.


Treasury authorization for Robert Lyles' pay
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