Letter from the Confederate Treasury,
Sept. 12, 1863

To William A. Lyles, Father of Obediah Lyles, deceased

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To William A. Lyles, Father of
Obadiah Lyles, deceased,
[late] Private of Capt. Hawthornes Co. F
1st Reg't Rifles South Carolina Vols Dr.

For pay of the said deceased from the first of May, the date to which he was last paid, to the 12th of July 1862, the date of his death inclusive, 2 months 12 days @ $11, per month. $26.40.

As per Reports of the 2nd Auditor & [ ] Mr Genl herewith Payable to William A. Lyles, Father of said Dece. Care of W.S. Gresham, Walhalla So Ca.

Second Auditor's Office
Sept. 8th 1863
Jno. [T] Ly--, Clerk
Comptroller's Office
Sept. 12th 1863
Richard McRae, Clerk